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LIZARD: CBM Essentials

"Check out a detailed break down of the Marvel villain's history in comics, as he recently appeared in Amazing Spider-man where he is brought to life by Rhys Ifans."
First Appearance
The Lizard first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #6 (November 1963), and was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Curtis "Curt" Connors was born in Coral Gables, Florida. He was a gifted surgeon who enlisted in the U.S. Army and was sent off to war. He performed emergency battlefield surgery on wounded GIs, but his right arm was injured in a blast and had to be amputated. After his return to civilian life as a research technologist, Connors became obsessed with uncovering the secrets of reptilian limb regeneration. Working from his home in the Florida Everglades, he finally developed an experimental serum taken from reptilian DNA. He successfully regrew the missing limb of a rabbit and then chose to test it on himself. Connors ingested the formula and his missing arm did indeed grow back. The formula had a side effect; Connors was subsequently transformed into a reptilian humanoid monster.

Looks and Costumes

Alternate Realities

Left (1602 reality) : Curtis Connors was a natural philosopher who was infected with the bubonic plague. Desperate, Connors concocted a elixir made from the embryos of dinosaur eggs in curing him, but also transforming him into a dinosaur, which vaguely resembles to a green, overgrown velociraptor. Connors still retains his mind in spite of his animalistic nature.

Center (Mutant X reality) : In this version the Lizard was one of the people to originally fight The Beyonder during the first Secret War.

Right (Ultimate reality) : A noted geneticist who lost his right arm under unrevealed circumstances, Curt Conners dedicated himself to finding a means of restoring lost limbs, studying the regenerative capabilities of reptiles; however, after five years without major breakthroughs, his sponsors were on the verge of cutting his funding. Drowning his disappointment with alcohol, the drunken Conners injected himself with an experimental serum in a desperate attempt to achieve results. The serum regenerated his right arm but also transformed Connors into an inhuman reptilian creature. Seeking refuge in the sewers, he became an urban legend, dubbed “The Lizard” by the press.

Left (Wildlife Preserve reality) : Curt Connors became the Lizard and for an unknown reason began breeding other lizards, beginning with his family. In a short time, the Lizards control the western half of the United States with nothing but a wall separating them from the rest of the population. In a desperate attempt to right what he put wrong, a re-humanized Connors plans on using nuclear bombs to kill the Lizards.

Center (Monster Planet reality) : This reality's Curt Connors' formula of regrowing his severed arm succeeded. He now leads a Science Squad to battle Monsters that plague his world.

Right (Millenial Visions reality) : Lizard, along with the other members of the Sinister Six, joined with Rhino, Scorpion and Carnage (forming the Noxious Nine) in order to take out the Blin Quay Nuclear Power Station in Brooklyn, New York. After Sandman, Mysterio and Electro were killed, Carnage was atomized in a containment field that caused an overload, releasing radiation throughout the plant and fusing the genetic material of the remaining members, including Lizard, to their costumes.Later, the now-animalistic members of the Noxious Nine, including Lizard, tracked down and killed Spider-Man.

Left (Marvel Age reality)

Center (Spidey Super Stories reality)

Right (Noir reality) : Doctor Connors worked with Dr. Otto Octavius at a abandoned hospital building on Ellis Island, where they secretly used kidnapped African-American minorities as specimen subjects in turning them as mindless slaves. It is unknown what happened to Connors after federal authorities raided the hospital, though he was presumably arrested among Octavius' affiliates.

Animated Depictions

1967 Spider-Man Cartoon

The Lizard appears in the 1967 Spider-Man episode "Where Crawls the Lizard", voiced by Gillie Fenwick. The animated Lizard in this episode was referred to as "Lizard Man", and the family is named "Conner" instead of "Connors." Also, Dr. Curt Conner is depicted as having both of his arms in the episode, most likely to avoid the topic of amputation in a children's cartoon (his serum was intended to cure "swamp fever").

1981 Spider-Man cartoon series

The Lizard appeared in the 1981 Spider-Man cartoon series episode "Lizards, Lizards, Everywhere", voiced by Corey Burton. However, there was no mention of Dr. Curt Connors in the episode and the Lizard is presented as a monster villain with no alter-ego.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

The Lizard first appears in the Spider-Man: The Animated Series episode "Night of the Lizard", voiced by Joseph Campanella. Here, the Lizard was portrayed as possessing a genius-level intellect but also having the savage mindset from the comics. In his first appearance, Dr. Connors transforms into the Lizard after using himself as a test subject with lizard DNA to regrow his arm.

Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

The Lizard appeared in the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series episode "Law of the Jungle", voiced by rock musician/filmmaker Rob Zombie. The Lizard's physical appearance in this series was much more animalistic and saurian than the comic book version. Connors lost his arm as a result of an Oscorp Industries weapons testing accident. This version of Dr. Connors is more serious and colder than other versions. When he transforms into the Lizard, he becomes aggressive and feral but maintains his ability to talk, at least when his serum is lowered.

The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Lizard first appears in The Spectacular Spider-Man episode "Natural Selection", with Dr. Curt Connors and Lizard voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. In the Lizard's first appearance on the third episode he can't talk, yet he was also acting purely on animalistic instincts. The Lizard, however, is extremely aggressive, shown attacking with little or no provocation, and even coming close to biting Billy. One key difference from usual media is that Dr. Connors has a fully functioning, mechanical prosthetic arm. Being a research technologist Connors is obsessed with uncovering the secrets of reptilian limb regeneration and creates a serum made of modified lizard DNA, injecting himself with it frequently to help re-grow his arm. In a previous battle between Spider-Man and Electro, one of the vials is hit by Electro's electricity, amplifying the DNA within the serum. As a result of injecting the altered serum, Connors' arm re-grows as he hoped. However, Connors is subsequently transformed into the Lizard over time.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Dr. Curt Connors appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Great Responsibility", voiced by Tom Kenny. He is depicted as a scientist working for S.H.I.E.L.D. In this continuity, Connors is depicted as having both his hands. As a nod to his comic counterpart however, he pretends to lack a right hand as a joke to Spider-Man during their first meeting.

Live Portrayal/s

Spider-Man film trilogy

Dr. Connors was mentioned briefly in the film Spider-Man (2002) as Peter's laboratory supervisor who fired him for being late. Connors appeared in the sequels Spider-Man 2 (2004) and Spider-Man 3 (2007), where he was played by actor Dylan Baker. Dr. Connors did not become the Lizard in this franchise. In the films, he is missing his right arm. He is depicted as a Columbia University physics professor.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard is the main antagonist of The Amazing Spider-Man, where he is played by Rhys Ifans. In this version, Dr. Connors is a biologist for Oscorp working on combining desirable physical attributes of animals with humans to improve health, including restoring his own amputated right arm. Connors experimented on himself and found a way to regenerate his arm but the "cure" is doing more than was intended as his skin grows scaly and claws sprout from his fingers.

Powers and Abilties

While transformed into The Lizard, Connors possesses a variety of superhuman attributes.

Superhuman Strength: Connors himself has the normal physical strength of a human male of his age, height, and build that engages in little regular exercise. While transformed, he possesses sufficient superhuman strength to lift about 12 tons. His physical strength has extended into the muscles of his legs allowing him to leap about 18 feet into the air.

Superhuman Speed: While transformed, Connors can run and move at speeds greater than that of the finest human athlete and can reach a top speed of about 45 miles per hour.

Superhuman Stamina: While transformed, Connors' advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for about 24 hours before fatigue begins to impair him.

Superhuman Durability: While transformed, Connors' scaly skin and superhumanly enhanced bodily tissues provide him much greater resistance to physical injury than an ordinary human. He can withstand great impact forces, falls from great heights, and small caliber bullets without sustaining injury.

Superhuman Agility: In his transformed state, Connors' agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Reflexes: Connors' reflexes are similarly enhanced while transformed and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite The Lizard's physical durability, he can sustaining physical injury. However, if injured, his body is able to rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. While transformed, Connors' healing powers are developed to the point where he can fully regenerate missing limbs, just like many known reptile species.

Tail: While transformed, Connors has a long, reptilian-like tail that he can use to help balance himself or as an offensive weapon. He is capable of whipping his tail at speeds of at least 70 miles per hour. Considering his strength and physical toughness, he can generate enough force to shatter concrete.

Fangs & Claws: While transformed, Connors' fingers and toes are each tipped with razor sharp claws that, combined with his natural strength, are able to cut most conventional materials including flesh, bone, wood, stone, and some types of metals. His mouth is also filled with rows of razor sharp teeth that he can use as offensive weapons in close combat situations.

Psionics: As The Lizard, Connors has the ability to telepathically communicate and control all forms of reptilian life within a two mile distance. After his transformation into the shed, Connors has the ability to activate the "lizard part" in a human brain, causing them to act on basic reptile instincts.


Connors has a genius-level intelligence and is a world renowned herpetologist.

Although he has had no formal combat training, his powers alone coupled with his natural savagery in his transformed state make him a formidable combatant.

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