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Review Machine : Walking Dead : Season 3 Episode 4 - Killer Within

Your reviewer,TheWitness, rates this episode: 3.64 out of 5. Continue on the jump to read a detailed breakdown of the rating. *Possible Spoilers ahead*

Episode description: Hershel is up on his feet with the aid of crutches. While the group is admiring Hershel, they are attacked by a group of walkers. Most of the men are in the outer prison yard and unable to get to the others before the group is separated. While escaping, Lori goes into labor, and she, Carl, and Maggie escape into a boiler room. Meanwhile, Michonne finds bullet holes and blood on the military vehicles brought back from the National Guard search, and she confronts the Governor. Michonne tells Andrea that they must leave, but Andrea is still unsure. Andrea shows Merle the last place where she saw his brother, Daryl. Merle decides he wants to go find him. Merle shares this with The Governor, who initially vetoes the idea but then tells Merle that if he can get more concrete information he will help Merle himself. Back at the prison, T-Dog is bitten by a walker and sacrifices his life to save Carol. Andrew, who had planted fresh deer meat and cut the locks to all the gates in order to attract the walkers, is alive and attacks Rick, but is shot by Oscar, who does it to gain Rick's trust. Meanwhile, Lori is unable to naturally deliver her baby and begins hemorrhaging. Lori knows she is going to die and insists that Maggie deliver the baby via Caesarean section. Lori passes out and presumably dies. Carl and Maggie decide that she must be shot so she does not come back as a walker, so Carl ends up shooting Lori. Maggie and Carl walk back out to the prison yard, where Rick sees the baby and mourns the death of his wife.

The Review Machine


It's so bad, I want to gouge out my eyes, cut off my ears & numb all of my remaining senses.This is a facepalm parade.You know what, this is OK.I can't believe I enjoyed that.
Now that was simply entertainment.

Reviewer's note: Walking Dead is back to form this week. I'm very much interested on how Rick's group will survive in their new fort, but there is still much cleaning needed to be done, outside and inside the prison and from the dead and the living alike.


What was the point?! Staring on a blank wall would have been a better story.Plotholes over plotholes over plotholes! Arrgh!The story is nice… serviceable.That was some smart storytelling.
Brilliant from start to finish.

Reviewer's note: Reading the comics and watching this show, is giving me a head start in surviving a Zombie apocalypse (if it ever comes to pass). Rick group's part of the story is still the more interesting tale but Governor's Woodbury community is starting to pick-up.


It's criminal that you consider these people actors.Seriously? That's the best you can do.Some good. Some bad.Mostly good.
Perfect casting. Flawless.

Reviewer's note: I pretty much give the acting kudos here to the father and son tandem, Rick and Carl. Rick falling apart after getting an idea on what happened to Lori, and Carl's stoic performance after having to do a very big decision.


You have no business being part of this show, or any show.Maybe in a few years you'll get the hang of it… 50 or 60 years.Those were some good choices but some you could have done better.
You're on your way to the big leagues if you’re not there yet.It's a pleasure watching a genius at work.

Reviewer's note: Nothing really noteworthy on the directing and editting part, because this is a TV series and they have to maintain a consistent feel throughout the series.


The show would have been 100% better if it was a silent movie.It's bad… plain and simple.Unnoticeable… which can be a good thing.
It enhances the show.An indispensable part of the show.


Could have been worse…. Nah! Who am I kidding it's the worst!Uninspired.I appreciate the effort.
I see what you did there, and they were very good decisions.I never knew that you can improve on perfection.

Reviewer's note: I just want to say that those characters who have comicbook counterparts are starting to have strong resemblance to them.


I made more action by turning on the TV.Breathing doesn't qualify.That was so-so.Nice one.
Pure adrenaline rush.

Reviewer's note: Zombie kills ramps up this episode. I'm a big Zombie-buff so the hacking and slashing and brain blowing still doesn't get old for me.

FX: Because we like to go Oooh! Ahhh!

EPIC FAIL : because fail is just not enough.FailGood enough for a B-MovieIt was good just had some minor kinks but we can easily let it slide.
Are you good friends with the people of Skywalker ranch?

Reviewer's note: FX on this show goes to making of the Zombies, and again this show still doesn't disappoint in that department.


No eggs at all. No eggs at all.Rotten eggs.Well that was a surprise.
Nice, well done.A very healthy serving.

Reviewer's note: *spoiler*: "Lori's death is pretty much the easter egg here but how it was handled here was drastically different from that of the comics. Another outcome of her pregnancy is different from the printed pages but it will definitely good the show some new stories to tell.


You can't pay me enough to watch another episode.A miracle or a gun pointing at my head might make me consider watching another episode.Probably if it's already on air and I have nothing better to do.I already marked the next episode on my calendar.
I hate waiting… I'm dying of anticipation.

Reviewer's note: Rick's going nuts… I'm definitely looking forward for the next episode.


I'm ashamed to be called a comicbook enthusiast, knowing that this abomination exist.Why did they think this show would work?It's an ok show, don't even care that it was based on a comic book.I like the show.
Loving the show, I highly recommend it. It's so fun seeing this comicbook characters in this interpretation.

Reviewer's note: It's smart that they want to differentiate what's happening with the comicbook and this show, but we still see some of the events in the comics echoing here. So I'll just call the show Walking Dead of Earth-2.

Final Rating :3.64 out of 5

Verdict: Good


The Characters


Comics: Rick Grimes is a fictional character in the black-and-white comic book series. Created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, the character made his debut in The Walking Dead #1 in 2003. Grimes is a small town sheriff's deputy who awakens from a coma to find the world overrun with zombies. The series focus on Grimes' attempts to find and protect his wife Lori and son Carl, and his role as the de facto leader of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world. In the comic series, he remains the longest living survivor as of October 2012.Rick Grimes has been described as a decisive and peculiar everyman character who emphasizes moral codes and values.

Live Adaptation: Rick worked as a King County Sheriff's Department deputy in King County, Georgia, along with his partner and long-time best friend, Shane Walsh. Wounded in the line of duty, he was in a coma when the apocalypse occurred. When he awoke alone, he set off in search of his wife Lori and young son Carl, and along the way discovered what happened to the world.

Rick is an every-man—smart, calm, just, a good friend and father—but will often stubbornly cling to his personal strong moral code, which has numerous times resulted in bad calls and stress within the group. In contrast to Shane, he is also a natural leader—a fact that caused frequent tension between the two.
Portrayed by: Andrew Lincoln


Comics: Lori Grimes is displayed as an average middle class housewife living in Cynthiana, Kentucky. As the outbreak begins, she and her son, Carl, are evacuated out of the city with help from her husband Rick's best friend and working partner, Shane Walsh, in hopes of getting to where her parents live. During the evacuation, the guilt that she has been wracked with over abandoning Rick leads her to have a one-night stand with Shane, which she deeply regrets afterward. She continually brushes off Shane's attempts at advances and ignores him even more when Rick miraculously arrives at their campsite.She soon finds out, after counting her missed periods, that she is pregnant; however, she hesitates to tell anybody until after Shane's death and their move back onto the road.She faces things such as morning sickness and mood swings throughout the first few months of her pregnancy. She and everyone else find relative stability at an abandoned prison, with hot showers, supplies, and security. While at the prison, she also begins to deepen her bond with fellow survivor Carol Peletier. She is frequently concerned with the well-being of both her family and the rest of the group. After giving birth to an infant girl that she and Rick name Judith, she remains extremely protective over her.During the final stages of the prison assault led by The Governor, Lori suffers a fatal shotgun blast to the back while she is carrying Judith. When Lori falls, Judith is crushed to death beneath her weight.Lori's death leaves Rick and Carl emotional wrecks. Rick suffers frightening hallucinations of her, and for a while uses a phone and pretends to have conversations with her. He confides in Michonne, she too having experienced talking to a deceased loved one to help the coping process. Carl frequently blames Rick for Lori and Judith's death.Status: dead

Live Adaptation: After her husband, Rick, is wounded in the line of duty and left in a coma while the outbreak occurs, Lori, believing him to be dead, is accompanied by Rick's best friend, Shane, towards Atlanta; she counts on him to keep both her and her son, Carl, safe. They befriend Carol and her family on the road, and later both groups settle with other survivors on the outskirts of Atlanta. Lori, having been further convinced of Rick's death by witnessing the military bomb Atlanta, eventually succumbs to her distraught state and embarks on a passionate sexual relationship with Shane (without Carl’s knowledge). She is relieved when Rick returns with their scavenger group alive and well, while at the same time being wracked with guilt over her inadvertent affair with Shane. She bitterly ends her relationship with Shane, leading the two to have awkward confrontations. When the group leaves the camp and briefly spends time at the CDC, she is nearly raped by Shane.

In the second season, Lori begins to cling to Shane as much as she does Rick, realizing that both him and Rick are equally as valuable to her in terms of protection. She's willing to look past Shane's previous actions, however she continues to refute any notion that their relationship was genuine. Days after arriving at Hershel's farm, Lori discovers she is pregnant with what may be Shane's baby, a discovery that terrifies her. After accepting the situation, Lori admits both her condition and her previous affair to Rick, the former of which he accepts, despite the baby almost certainly being Shane's. She's confronted by Shane upon him learning of the matter from Rick, believing the baby to be his. She initially attempts to disregard this possibility, however she later finds it futile and admits that she'll never know. She still firmly makes it clear that even if it is Shane's, it will be raised by her and Rick. Her attitude toward Shane lightens up following Dale's death, with her apologizing for all that she had put him through. Meanwhile, she takes notice to Carl's increasing coldness, a matter which concerns her as she looks ahead to the future. The group is forced to depart from the farm after a horde ascends onto the premises, leading them to camp on the side of the road. Lori is deeply disturbed by Rick's lack of remorse over his murder of Shane, as well as the fact that Carl witnessed, and was involved, in the situation (putting down Shane's zombie).

As the third season opens up, Lori has grown closer to Carol; however, Rick and Carl have both grown increasingly distant, much to her dismay. She has become paranoid about the status of the baby, contemplating a variety of different outcomes, whether it be the idea that it could come out a stillborn and rip her apart after it turns, or the idea that she could die during birth and kill the baby if no one stops her from being turned. Due to complications during labor, she eventually gives birth by Caesarean section (C-section) with the help of Maggie. This causes her to pass out and die. Carl, who was present during the C-section, reluctantly shoots her in order to prevent her re-animation. The actual shooting is not shown.Status:possibly dead with the notion that Carl shot her off camera.
Portrayed by: Sarah Wayne Callies


Comics: Carl is the son of deputy sheriff Rick Grimes and his wife, Lori Grimes. When the dead rise, Lori takes Carl to a purported safe zone in Atlanta, Georgia, along with Rick's partner, Shane Walsh. Lori and Carl join a group of survivors on the outskirts of Atlanta, formed and led by Shane. There, they are eventually reunited with Rick. Carl is taught to shoot despite being only seven years old. This comes in handy when Carl saves his mother from an approaching walker. Later, Carl is forced to kill an unstable Shane in order to protect his father.

After the group buries Shane and leaves Atlanta, Carl is shot by a ranch foreman named Otis while searching for supplies in the woods. The survivors are brought to the farm of Otis' employer, veterinarian Hershel Greene, who successfully treats Carl. The group remains at the farm for several days until tensions cause Hershel to evict them.

They had eventually found an abandoned prison. While there, he and the others enjoyed the luxuries it had to offer, such as hot showers and open space. He faced minor disturbances, such as hearing about and or witnessing numerous counts of violence/death. While Rick was away with other survivors, he frequently gave Lori re-assurance about his well-being. Throughout Lori's pregnancy, Carl was thrilled about the idea of a baby sister, and when Judith was ultimately born, he along with Lori, remained fiercely protective over her. When The Governor and his army attacked the prison, Carl managed to escape with Rick, while his mother and baby sister were shot to death. Once they had reached relative safety from the violence taking place at the prison, Carl and his father then began to mourn the death of Lori, Judith, and all those that had died in the battle.

Carl and Rick took refuge in an abandoned house, and after a brief encounter with another three zombies, Carl was led under the impression that he could defend himself from now on, and blamed his father for his mother and sister's deaths. However, his childlike instinct kicked in, realizing that he was scared still of the outside world and needed support. After reuniting with Maggie and Glenn, Carl is reunited with Sophia at Hershel's farm and the surviving members of the prison that had left prior to the Governor's assault. After new survivors stumble upon the farm, they move to Washington D.C.Along the journey, while returning to Kentucky along with Rick and Abraham, he's nearly raped by a group of redneck men. In the aftermath of their murders, Carl openly confesses to killing Shane and being a different version of himself than he was before the apocalypse. Shortly after their return to the main group, Carl witnesses a fellow kid survivor has murdered his brother, and ultimately takes it upon himself to murder the kid when he sees that no one is willing to do it because of their preserved morals. He feels deep grief from here on out, however he does not regret his actions.When they arrive at a gated community in D.C., Carl is unable to fit in amongst the other children due to realizing the true danger of the outside world and the falseness of their surroundings. After a zombie invasion, Carl ends up getting shot in the face and is left in a coma for weeks. When he returns to his senses and begins to be taken care of again by Rick, he develops a darker perspective toward his father and berates him for all of the horrible things that have happened because of him.

Live Adaptation: Carl was implied to have been in the middle of Rick and Lori's relationship issues. He was devastated upon learning of his father's shooting, and when the outbreak began, was evacuated by Shane and Lori out of King County and toward Atlanta. On the way there, he was told that his father was dead, and gradually began to accept it. After they settled camp with other survivors on the outskirts of Atlanta, Carl began to look at Shane as a father figure, from fishing with him to being given daily advice. He was shown to be oblivious to Shane and Lori's ongoing relationship. He was overjoyed when Rick miraculously returned and was restricted by Lori from being close to Shane. After the attack on the campsite which left many dead, he and the group traveled to the CDC, where they enjoyed all of what it had to offer (such as hot showers). Following its destruction, they were on the road again.

In Season 2 Carl is shown to be yearning to be more active within the group, helping to scavenge for supplies. While on the look for the missing Sophia, he's shot by a man named Otis, who leads them to a nearby farm. The owner, Hershel, attempts to save his life and ultimately he manages to pull through (with Shane retrieving needed supplies from in town). He's devastated by the revelation that Sophia is a zombie, and from there his mindset begins to alter. He yearns to have a gun and fight while at the same time developing a darker perspective on life, as he denies the idea of heaven and shows disrespect towards others. In the penultimate episode of the season, Carl saves his father by shooting a zombified Shane.

Six to seven months afterward, Carl has evolved into a child soldier; with increased proficiency with weapons, a more mature demeanor, and a more active role within the group. He has grown increasingly distant from Lori, along with his father. He has also begun to develop a crush on Hershel's daughter Beth, her being the girl closest in age to him (even though they themselves have a three-year age gap between the two of them). After watching his mother suffer through a C-Section to deliver a baby, Carl shoots Lori to prevent reanimation.
Portrayed by: Chandler Riggs


Comics: Glenn is not the same age as many of the others in the central survivor group. Using ingenuity he made it out of Atlanta and reached the group on the outer limits of the city. Due to his ability to scavenge effectively, he was picked to go into the city often and find supplies. He uses MacGyver-like tactics to outsmart and kill zombies. To do this, he successfully recovers guns for Jim. Not long after Shane died, Glenn starts to develop a crush on Carol although due to his shyness he did not act upon it after meeting.

He settled down in the prison with Maggie and helped the group find fuel and supplies from both the outside and the prison itself. He was later imprisoned by the Governor, which scarred him physiologically as he was beaten and then forced to hear The Governor brutally rape Michonne in the cell next to his. After his escape and return to the prison, he, out of his increasing love for Maggie, eventually proposed to her with a ring he stole off a zombie's finger. Hershel married them shortly after. Soon after their marriage, Glenn and Maggie volunteered to be part of the group who traveled to the Army Center to stop the Woodbury enemies using its fuel for their vehicles. The group was then attacked by Bruce and his friends. Glenn, distracted, allowed for Andrea to snipe Bruce and Michonne to kill the rest. He fiercely defended the Prison atop of one of the front gate sniper towers. With the group divided on what to do next, Glenn at the last minute decided to leave with Dale and Andrea in the R.V. This saved Sophia and Maggie's lives (the former had now been seeing him as a surrogate father). He, Maggie, and Sophia stayed at Hershel's Farm with Dale and Andrea.

Glenn did not like or trust Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, or Eugene Potter when they met the survivors at the farm. However, he agreed to go with them to Washington for Eugene's mission rather than stay at the farm any longer. On the road, Maggie attempted suicide by hanging herself. Glenn fought with Abraham after he said he was going to shoot her. Glenn cut her down and performed CPR. Glenn broke down in tears, and subsequently into anger at Abraham when the group realized she was still alive. Glenn's focus was no longer on scavenging or siphoning, but for caring for his new family and supporting Maggie in the deaths of her entire family. With the rest of the group, he traveled to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Glenn was suspicious of the Safe-Zone's community but adapted more rapidly than Rick. Glenn's useful skills and agility made him a suitable applicant to once again be a scavenger and a replacement for the wounded Scott. Glenn’s new job made Maggie unhappy, due to the danger he would be in and they argued which resulted in Glenn leaving the house for a bit.

Rick asked Glenn, due to his loyalty, to steal back their guns and weapons, which were taken by Douglas Monroe, when they first came to the Safety-zone. Glenn made a distraction for the Community's survivors while he looked for the location of the weapons for Rick. Rick and Glenn found the armory, and Glenn snuck in. Rick distributed the weapons amongst the members of their group.

Fearing another attack after the Saviors attempt to break in to the community, Glenn convinces Maggie to leave the community with him and Sophia, and head toward the Hilltop Colony, which he believes to be a much safer place. As they were camped on the road after driving halfway to the Hilltop, they are ambushed by The Saviors. Because of the number of Saviors already killed by Rick and the group, Glenn is selected and viciously bludgeoned to death by the leader of the Saviors, Negan, while helplessly crying Maggie's name. Rick and everyone else are left with Glenn's mangled corpse as The Saviors drive away, with Rick swearing to avenge Glenn's death as soon as possible.status: dead, killed by "Lucille"

Live Adaptation: Glenn is first seen rescuing Rick from a horde of zombies in the city of Atlanta as Rick was hiding in a tank, using a radio to talk to Rick. Glenn guides Rick to the location of his group, including Andrea. They find themselves trapped in the store initially, but manage to escape, with Glenn driving a Dodge Challenger to distract the zombies around the city while the rest of the survivors get away in a truck. They meet up with the rest of the survivors at the Atlanta campsite, where he helps distribute supplies and assist others when needed. He later goes with Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog to find Merle in the city and help Rick regain the guns formerly dropped nearby the tank, however he ends up getting kidnapped by a nursing-home crew who try to exchange him with Rick for weaponry. He was let go, but they then finds out the truck they drove to city is missing, having no choice but to go back to the campsite on feet. Glenn and rest of the teammates return to the camp just on time when a herd of zombies invade and kill many of the survivors. In the wake of the massacre, he assists with the dealing of the corpses and insists that the group bury their people instead of burning them like they're doing with the zombies they killed. Ultimately, he and everyone else leave the campsite and go to the CDC, where they for a brief time enjoy the luxuries it offers. They're on the road again however following the self-destruction of CDC buildings.

In Season 2, Glenn continues to be a valuable asset to the group, helping to repair the RV and scavenging things from abandoned cars on the highway. When Carl gets shot, he and everyone else are ultimately lead to Hershel's Farm, where he sparks up a friendship with Hershel's daughter Maggie. They have sex while on a pharmacy run together, and while Maggie afterward expresses that their fling was a one-time thing, Glenn is overjoyed and continually tries to convince her that they should continue a romance. Genuine love begins to form between the two, which leads them to consider a serious relationship. This appears to stop however, as Maggie feels frustrated and betrayed by Glenn when he doesn't keep the zombies in the barn a secret as he promised her. She forgives him soon afterward though, and they start to engage in a relationship. Before Glenn and Rick leave for town looking for Maggie's father, Maggie tells Glenn she loves him. Glenn leaves before saying it back. In town, Glenn is wracked with embarrassment and guilt after freezing during a shootout with outsiders. He blames the inaction on his deep love for Maggie, and apparently breaks up with her. In the season 2 finale, when the farm is overrun by walkers, Glenn is a big part in defense. When Maggie realizes how big the walkers have a effect on their farm, and is overwhelmed with emotion, Glenn instructs her to get out of the farmyard. After a brief disagreement, Maggie drives away, not knowing if her father, her sister and others are still alive, then starting to cry. Glenn takes over the steering wheel and tells Maggie that he loves her. They both reunite with the other survivors at the highway. After hearing about an important fact Rick kept from the group, Glenn is among the survivors who grow wary of Rick. He and Maggie begin to scheme about leaving camp and abandoning Rick's leadership. They, however, abandon such thoughts after Rick confronts the suspicious group and taunts them with the option of leaving on their own.Six to seven months afterward, Glenn has become increasingly proficient with fighting zombies. He and Maggie continue to have a strong relationship.
Portrayed by: Steven Yeun


Comics: Maggie Greene is Hershel's middle daughter who eventually becomes involved with Glenn to her father's initial displeasure and eventual acceptance. She is shown as rebellious and independent. Her relationship with Glenn starts off as a need to have a sexual partner; later, however, it gradually becomes more serious and heartfelt. While they're located in an abandoned prison, she subsequently marries Glenn in a ceremony performed by her father. Maggie yearns for a child but the notion is turned down by Glenn and her father; she still however holds out hope that she will at some point. While at the prison she and her family go through period of depression as her two youngest sisters are brutally murdered by a psychopathic inmate, who she later shoots to death in cold blood. This briefly puts a strain on her and Glenn's relationship as she is convinced that he will die as well if he remains too close to her; this in part leads Glenn to seal their relationship by marriage.

Following the prison assault by the Woodbury Army, where Hershel and her brother Billy, the last remaining members of her family, are killed, Maggie sinks into a deep depression that Glenn is unable to help with. Maggie journeyed with the group led by Sergeant Abraham Ford, to Washington D.C., until the depression was too much and, sneaking off into the forest, she hangs herself. However, she was rescued by Glenn and Abraham and was successfully resuscitated. She struggles to convince the group that she is fine, and now begins to feel like she has to hide herself emotionally from Glenn. The two manage though to still maintain a healthy, albeit occasionally strained, relationship. They recently have taken the role of becoming Sophia's surrogate parents. After a many strenuous events at the Atlanta Safe-Zone, she and Glenn finally get some good news, as she is told by Doctor Cloyd that she is pregnant (much to the couple's surprise).

Fearing another attack after the Saviors attempt to break in to the community, Glenn convinces Maggie to leave the community with him and Sophia, and head toward the Hilltop Colony, which he believes to be a much safer place. They are later ambushed by The Saviors while camping out during their trip, and she is forced to watch Glenn be viciously bludgeoned to death while crying her name.She is initially bitter and resentful towards Rick for not stepping up and protecting Glenn, and furiously beats him before being stopped at gunpoint by Carl. She later is able to come to peace with Rick, and decides to stay behind at the Hilltop with Sophia as per her and Glenn's original plan.

Live Adaptation: Maggie is introduced as Hershel's eldest daughter, with a mild tomboy side to her. She is described as having grown up on the farm all her life, and having suffered the loss of her biological mother at a young age. She harbored a rebellious streak when Hershel remarried and produced another girl, however eventually became accepting of the new family members; her half-sister in particular, who they named Beth, she grew to have a strong bond with. As the apocalypse occurred, she and her family/friends were kept barricaded within the farm by Hershel. It was during this time that her once-strong sense of faith began to dwindle and she was left with severe doubts about her inner-self. She frequently made supply runs for everyone by herself.

Soon after the Atlanta survivors take refuge at the farm, she builds up an admiration for Glenn due to his courage and the personality traits they share. She has held a strong sense of faith throughout the years, but is now starting to have doubts about what she believes in. She and Glenn share a few tender moments at the farm before they ultimately have sex inside a local pharmacy during their first supply run together. While Glenn is ecstatic and believes it to be the start of a relationship, Maggie continually insists that it was a one time thing, and attempts at all costs to cover the truth from her father, even though he himself had begun to suspect something between the two. After Glenn saves her from a walker attack during another supply run, she begins to develop stronger feelings for him, and they finally establish a relationship. It is strained once Glenn betrays her in telling his group about the walkers in her father's barn, however the two rather quickly make up after he convinces her that it was the right thing to do. Glenn later decides to cut off their relationship as the love he had for Maggie made him temporarily freeze while he was in a shootout in town with Rick and Hershel, leaving her both heartbroken and confused. It was within this same time that Beth begins to outwardly show suicidal tendencies. Her mutual friendship with Andrea quickly dissolves when she finds out that Andrea egged Beth on. She and Glenn rekindle their relationship soon after the farm is overrun and they're left to depend on each other as the group has scattered; he declares his love for her to keep her going despite the losses they endured.

Six to seven months afterward, she has grown increasingly proficient in fighting zombies. Her and Glenn's relationship continues to be a strong and loving one.
Portrayed by: Lauren Cohan


Comics: Hershel was displayed as a middle aged man of Irish decent who had grown up on his family's farm where he had developed a love for animals. As an adult, he held a veterinary business with his wife, which ended up collapsing once she died. Distraught over the loss and unable to do much (while at the same time forcing himself to develop a more religious point of view), he chose to fulfil his father's dying wish by moving himself and his seven children back to the farm and tending to the livestock, as well as being able to return to the old and simplistic form of life that he missed while he was living in the city. He struggled with the family finances, especially when it came to the expenses from college for some of his older children. Hershel was sheltered from the reality of the outside world when the apocalypse began and confused about what exactly was happening; when his son Sean was bitten, Hershel was unable to handle the thought of killing him, and desperately clung to the belief that zombies were merely sick humans who could return to normal with a cure. He resorted to locking them up inside his barn whenever they wandered onto the property.

When the Atlanta band took refuge at the farm after one of their own was shot, he welcomed them with open arms, however he gradually grew frustrated with them; this came to a head when the barn burst open and the zombies killed two of his other children. He was distraught over their deaths, and blamed the survivors for what had happened. After he discovered his daughter sleeping with Glenn and then the other members of the group refusing to leave, he put a gun to Rick's head and thus forced them out (though afterwards, he was ashamed and scared of the fact that he was on the verge of taking an innocent life). As the farm becomes increasingly unsafe, he and the rest of his people make the decision to join the Atlanta band at a safe and secure semi-abandoned prison where they next take shelter.He gradually makes amends with his fellow survivors and accepts Maggie's relationship with Glenn. His medical experience comes in handy for the survivors several times (such as delivering Lori's baby), as well as his farm-work knowledge which he uses to start growing fresh crops in the prison fields. His two youngest daughters die at the hands of a deranged prisoner, adding to his family's death toll. He remains in shock for a while, only to get closure by forcing himself to watch the man's death at the hands of zombies outside of the premises. Now more than ever, he only lives for the protection and survival of his two remaining children. After marrying Maggie and Glenn, and knowing Glenn will take care of her for as long as he lives, he sees closure with that child and narrows his focus down to his youngest son Billy. He engages fiercely in the battle against the Governor and the Woodbury citizens but ultimately gives up on life after his son Billy is killed while they are fleeing the prison. In his last moments, he turned down the chance to escape with Rick and the others and remained hovering over his dead son's body until he caught the attention of the Governor. His tearful last words were, "Dear God, please kill me", before being shot in the head by the Governor.status: dead

Live Adaptation: Hershel was described as being raised by an abusive, alcoholic father, which resulted in him running away from the farmhouse at 15 years old and later not being at his father's deathbed. During his time away from the area, he became a veterinarian. At some point, he had married a woman named Josephine, and settled back on the farm. Within the first few years of their marriage he descended into alcoholism, however he managed to give the habit up once Maggie was born. When Maggie was older, Josephine died, which ultimately led Hershel to marry another woman named Annette (who had a son of her own from a previous marriage) and have a daughter with her whom they named Beth. Sometime after the apocalypse had begun, he lost Annette and his step-son to the hordes of zombies. He and the rest of his group remained unaware of the reality of the outside world and strongly believed that there could be a cure. As a result of this mistaken belief, Hershel kept a large group of walkers, mostly family and friends, locked in a nearby barn.

When Otis accidentally shoots Carl, Hershel treats the boy as best he can with the limited amount of equipment and miraculously, he's able to save his life. When the survivors settle down at the farm as Carl recovers, Hershel is watchful of their influence - particularly towards Shane's aggressive behavior and the group's hostile view of the walkers. Hershel is also wary of Maggie's closeness to Glenn, though he later gifts Glenn with a family heirloom symbolizing his approval of their relationship. He makes a deal with Rick to continue providing them safe haven, provided they stay away from the barn. When the survivors eventually storm the barn anyways and exterminate the zombies he had so desperately kept preserved in his barn, Hershel sinks into a deep depression, running away and reverting back to his old alcoholic habits. He abandons his previous beliefs for a cure and is convinced by Rick that he has to accept the new world in order to stay strong for his two daughters. When a horde of zombies invades his property, he fought tooth and nail to fend them off, albeit in vain. In the end, he is forced to retreat with Rick and Carl, not knowing if anyone else had made it and feeling sadness over having to abandon his land. Going back to the highway in the Season 2 finale, they stayed there until the rest of the survivors come, without Jimmy, Patricia, Shane and Andrea. Jimmy and Patricia had been eaten, while Shane had been killed by Rick (and then by Carl after reanimating) prior to the zombie attack and Andrea was separated from the group and on the run from walkers. While most of the camp doubts Rick's leadership in light of recent events, Hershel has solid trust in Rick, believing they should keep moving together as a group.

Six to seven months afterward, Hershel continues to be an active member of the group as they continually move around from shelter to shelter. He has grown a beard. While clearing out the prison, he is bitten on the ankle and it is amputated by Rick. Hershel has recovered shortly after. He appears to be the only major character so far to have been bitten by a Walker and survive.
Portrayed by: Scott Wilson


Comics: Carol Peletier was a middle aged widow and caring mother to her daughter Sophia. She usually assisted the other mothers in domestic duties such as washing clothes and looking after the children. Usually a friendly and chatty (albeit neurotic) woman, Carol and her daughter joined a handful of other survivors in Atlanta and set up a campsite in a nearby quarry, whom she befriended fairly quickly — most noticeably Lori, with whom she shared a strong relationship, often conversing about the current happenings around them. Lori was also who she relied on the most for support whenever it was needed.

After leaving their first campsite, they met a man named Tyreese, who Carol grew to have a liking towards. Eventually, the two became romantically attached to one another. She and Tyreese stayed close throughout their stay at Hershel's farm and leading up to their arrival at the abandoned prison. Tension started to come between them however when Michonne was introduced, and Carol began to notice, much to her dismay, their similar physical and personality traits. She later witnessed Michonne performing oral sex on him inside of the prison gymnasium. This initially led her to try and compete for his affection (albeit degradingly), but ultimately she broke off the relationship and tried avoiding any further confrontations. Soon after the break-up, her mental health came into question and, after nights of crying (as witnessed by Carl), resulted in an attempt to commit suicide. Soon after the cutting, Carol became desperate for companionship and wanted to have a poly-amorous relationship among Rick and Lori, only to be shot down. Her behavior increasingly disturbed and annoyed both Lori and Rick, which she had taken knowledge of herself.

As she planned to commit suicide, she made sure Lori promised to take care of Sophia. She then initiated sex with Hershel's youngest son Billy, and after wandering through the prison courtyard and talking to a zombie, allowed it to tear at her jugular. She refused for anyone to try and help her, saying that they should let her die in peace. She was killed by a merciful Andrea during her reanimation process before she had the chance to bite a saddened Tyreese.

Carol's death leaves a significant mark on the group for days leading up to the ultimate assault on the Prison. Many look down upon her death and are disgusted by the fact that she abandoned her only living family. Sophia was left in a catatonic state since the news hit her, and has since attempted to repress all memories of Carol by pretending Maggie and Glenn are her biological parents. Recently, Maggie has taken relief to the fact that Sophia begins to speak openly about recognizing Carol's previous existence.status: dead

Live Adaptation: Before the apocalypse began, and continuing for a brief time afterward, Carol was a quiet and ashamed victim of domestic abuse. She avoided confrontation with her husband in attempt to stifle his anger, though she secretly prayed to God that he be punished for abusing her and having sexual temptations toward their daughter.

During her stay at the camp, she regularly performed domestic duties such as washing and ironing clothes for her and her fellow survivors (usually with the help from some of the other women in the group). After Ed's abusive tendencies are exposed to the rest of the group, Shane furiously beats Ed and Carol slowly begins to stand up for herself. After an attack on the camp that claimed Ed's life, Daryl is disposing of the dead bodies to prevent them from returning as walkers. While he is doing so, Carol insists that she be the one to impale Ed with the pick-axe Daryl is using. She begins hesitantly doing so, but then starts to attack his corpse with great anger, venting her rage towards her husband and his years of abusive behavior.

In Season 2, Sophia is lost in the woods after being chased by walkers. Carol blames herself for what happened to Sophia but also casts the blame upon Rick. As the search for Sophia goes on, her hope begins to diminish, but yet she refuses to give up and insists that the group keep searching (even after the group is split up when Carl is shot). She is seen crying at night over the loss of her daughter and has begun to help with the nighttime look-out shift on top of the RV. Eventually, she seems to be shutting down emotionally, refusing anyone's attempt to console her. Daryl gives her a flower later on however and she's visibly moved by his heartfelt speech that he gives to her about hope and keeping strong. Carol is well adjusting to living at the farm, though she still is in the process of recovering from her depression. As a sign of gratitude to Hershel and his group, she and Lori make dinner for them. During the dinner, she brings up a plate to Daryl and kisses him on the cheek, acknowledging how noble and caring he is (compared to her deceased husband). She and Daryl begin to form a deeper bond from here, with her constantly being concerned for his well-being.

It is later revealed that the search for Carol's daughter has been in vain, as Sophia is finally discovered and has become one of the undead. Carol then sinks into a deep depression and relies on Daryl now more than ever. Over the course of this post Sophia era, her meekness has greatly diminished and her self-confidence has grown enormously, as she is now beginning to stand up for herself. Eventually in the season 2 finale, in light of recent events, her slight blame cast upon Rick has accumulated into outright questioning of his leadership.

Six to seven months afterward, Carol has grown increasingly proficient with weapons, as well as having been taught by Hershel how to handle medical situations. She has become much more self-confident and has adapted a playful side to her. Her bond with Daryl has deepened, and they both sarcastically acknowledge the potential of getting romantically involved (even though both of them shrug it off and treat it as it's nothing). She has also grown increasingly close to Lori because of her pregnancy. Her trust in Rick has been regained, convincing herself that Shane never would have made them survive as long as they have.

In the episode "The Killer Within", Carol and T-Dogg are cut off from the rest of the group after Andrew releases walkers into the prison. T-Dogg, after being bitten in the shoulder, sacrifices himself to a group of walkers to try and give Carol time to escape. Her fate is left unknown at the end of the episode.
Portrayed by: Melissa Suzanne McBride


Comics: Axel was a grizzly looking, old biker imprisoned for armed robbery; he survived the initial outbreak locked inside The Prison cafeteria.

Axel was a trustworthy character, even for a prison inmate. He helped to clean out the zombies in the prison and when the prison got overrun or attacked and would help to burn the corpses. Axel was also slightly perverted, 'accidentally' walking in on Lori and Carol while they were showering and would make sexual comments about the female members of the group. He was also known for ending most of his sentences with "You follow me?". Axel died when helping the group defend the prison during Woodbury's attempt to take it for themselves.Status: dead

Live Adaptation: Axel is a prisoner who survived the zombie apocalypse along with Tomas, Big Tiny, Andrew, and Oscar. He can be described as level-headed and kinder than the other prisoners. Axel made his debut appearance in Season 3 of the TV Series during the premiere episode, "Seed".

“Axel is a great character. He’s someone who was probably a two-bit criminal who finds himself in a bigger mess. He’s probably happy to be freed by Rick because he realizes he’s not as cutthroat as Tomas and Andrew
Portrayed by: Lew Temple


Comics: Andrew was a minor character within the series. He was additionally a minor antagonist towards the survivor group.A little was revealed about Andrew's past. He, along with Axel, Dexter, and Thomas, were encountered by Rick and Tyreese in the cafeteria of The Prison, which was initially locked by a night stick in the pull slot. The four convicts explained their isolated survival attributed to the wealth of food and supplies that was meant to feed the entire prison population for weeks. When each of the four introduced themselves, Andrew revealed he was in jail for drug offenses. He offered his disturbing opinion on the epidemic situation; he believed God sent the zombie apocalypse to help him "get clean" from drugs. He explained with the undead ruling, he had no way of acquiring substance or selling it. A homosexual relationship between him and Dexter was hinted at, and explored later. Compared to the revelation of Dexter's murderous past or Axel's armed robbery charges, Andrew seemed less of a threat than the other convicts.

In between the clean-up of the outbreak caused by Dexter and the introduction of Michonne, Andrew, in suicidal grief, fled into the surrounding countryside, apparently to his own death. Rick was asked by Dale if the group should go rescue him, but they decided to let him go.status: most possibly dead

Live Adaptation: Andrew was a prisoner who survived the zombie apocalypse with Tomas, Big Tiny, Axel, and Oscar. He can be described as the "child" of the group as he is somewhat weak and small. Andrew made his debut appearance in Season 3 of the TV Series during the episode, "Seed".

After causing a horde of Walkers to invade the prison, Andrew attacked Rick in a room inside the prison. Eventually, Rick dropped his gun, but the weapon was quickly picked up by his fellow inmate Oscar. Oscar raised the gun at both Andrew and Rick, but chose that Andrew was the more dangerous man of the two and shot him.status: dead
Portrayed by: Markice Moore


Comics: Andrea is one of the last remaining survivors of the original Atlanta band. A tough and skilled woman, she is an efficient defense against the walkers.

Live Adaptation: Andrea and Michonne is caught by Merle. They are taken to Woodbury, where Andrea seems to trust the residents there, while Michonne is more suspicius.
Portrayed by: Laurie Holden


Comics: Michonne is a member of the survivor group, and a major character within the series. Armed with a Katana and the deadly skills to complement it, Michonne is an effective and crucial defender of the survivors.

Live Adaptation: Michonne is a sword wielding survivor who made her first appearance in the season finale episode, Beside the Dying Fire in Season 2 and will be appearing in Season 3 of The Walking Dead (TV Series).
Portrayed by: Danai Gurira


Comics: Brian Blake is a primary antagonist in the comic series and one of the primary protagonists in the novel The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. He is the brother of Philip Blake, and uncle of Penny Blake. While the comic refers to The Governor as Philip, the novel reveals that Brian Blake is, in fact, The Governor. Brian takes his brother's name after Philip dies.

Live Adaptation: Philip, or better known as The Governor is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who is leading the fortified town of Woodbury after the outbreak. He is a sinister and diabolical man.
Portrayed by: David Morrissey

Locations,Gadgets & Vehicles


Comics: "The Prison",otherwise known as the West Georgia Correctional Facility, is located at West Central Prison, Georgia, is the location where the majority of the main cast of characters settle themselves in. It is also where most of the character and continuity's story-arcs were formed. It was also the longest lasting location the survivors remained in; being seven months, beginning with their arrival in Issue 13, right up to the climactic and tragic destruction by The Governor and his Woodbury Army in Issue 48.

Live Adaptation: The Prison is the central location in Season 3 of The Walking Dead (TV Series). It is given the name 'West Georgia Correctional Facility'.


Comics: Woodbury, Georgia, is a town 52 miles away from Atlanta, Georgia, and 30 miles from Fayetteville, with a pre-plague population of 1,102. In the Novel The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, it is mentioned there are "about sixty" members of the town. The town has a McDonald's, Wal-Mart and an Arena where they held fights for entertainment.

Live Adaptation: Woodbury appears in Season 3 of The Walking Dead (TV Series) where Michonne and Andrea are taken by The Governor, Merle Dixon and other Woodbury survivors in the episode Walk With Me. It is said to have 73 inhabitants.

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