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HUNTRESS: CBM Essentials

Check out a detailed break down of the DC vigilante's history in comics, as she is set to make an appearance on the hit new show ARROW.
First Appearance
Huntress (real name Helena Rosa Bertinelli) is a fictional character in the DC Universe. Based upon the Earth-Two character Helena Wayne, she is one of several DC characters to bear the Huntress name. Helena was also for a time one of the versions of Batgirl and was a longtime member of the Birds of Prey. Within the current DC comics contunity, Helena Bertinelli is an alias used by Helena Wayne. First appearance Huntress #1 (April 1989)

In the 1989 Huntress series, Helena Rosa Bertinelli, who was born into one of Gotham City's most prominent Mafia families, is a withdrawn girl. At the age of six, she was kidnapped and raped by an agent of another Gotham crime family. Her parents, Guido and Carmela, send her to a boarding school and assign a bodyguard for her protection.

Witnessing the mob-ordered murder of her entire family, Helena days from turning 21 and receiving the inheritance from the murder of her family. Learning more about her family's murder, Helena adopts a costume disguise and weaponry to seek revenge, confronting not only the men who ordered her family's death, but the assassin himself.

Looks and Costumes

Team Affiliations

Batman Family

Birds of Prey


Justice League of America


Alternate Realities / Alternate Versions

Included only are the versions that have distinct look and background than the main universe version

Left (Earth 2): Helena Wayne is Batman/Bruce Wayne of Earth 2's daughter and was raised as his eventual successor. She finds herself transported to the current New 52 DC universe where she is using the name Huntress. Helena Bertinelli is an alias she is using.

Center (Golden Age): The Golden Age Huntress was a supervillain with the real name of Paula Brooks Crock who battled the superhero Wildcat, first appearing in Sensation Comics #68. She was later retroactively renamed the Tigress in the pages of Young All-Stars.

Right (Amalgam Universe): In a universe where DC characters where mixed with Marvel characters we find Carol Danvers (currently Captain Marvel) as an adventurer who went by the name the Huntress.

Left: How Helena appears in JSA: The Unholy Three

Center (Titans Tomorrow): In a possible future the superhero Misfit took on the name Huntress.

Right (Original Silver Age Huntress): This is the daughter of this reality's Batman and Catwoman.

Animated Depictions

Justice League Unlimited

The Huntress has appeared in Justice League Unlimited voiced by Amy Acker. Helena Bertinelli was the daughter of Mafia crime boss Franco Bertinelli; as a young girl she witnessed the death of her father and mother at the hands of one of his lieutenants, Steve Mandragora, who later became a crime boss himself. This event sparked her desire for revenge as she in her adult life trained herself to become the costumed vigilante known as the Huntress.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Huntress appeared in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Night of the Huntress!", voiced by Tara Strong. She, Batman, and Blue Beetle have to stop the gangster Baby-Face and his wife, Mrs. Manface. The Blue Beetle develops a crush on her in the episode. While this version's real identity is that of Helena Bertinelli, her costume looks more like the costume worn by Helena Wayne.

Live Portrayal/s

Legends of the Superheroes

The Huntress's first appearance outside of comics was in the 1979 NBC Legends of the Superheroes TV specials, with actress Barbara Joyce portraying the character.

Birds of Prey

The Huntress appears as a featured character in the short-lived live-action series Birds of Prey. This version of the Huntress, played by Ashley Scott, was mostly based on the Silver Age Helena Wayne version, although she is named Helena Kyle in this series. She is the daughter of Batman, who disappeared after the death of her mother, Catwoman. The Huntress in this series worked with Oracle and Black Canary's daughter as the primary crimefighters in Gotham City. Unlike the previous versions of the Huntress, this series' version possessed low-level superpowers (occasional enhanced strength and agility, accompanied by her eyes turning cat-like) and did not wear a mask or a consistent costume, preferring fashionable black clothing, usually with some kind of long, leather overcoat.


Huntress is set to appear in CW's ARROW, she will be played by Jessica De Gouw.

Powers and Abilties

Peak Human Condition: Huntress works hard to keep her body in peak physical condition.

Archery: Huntress carries her trademark crossbows on her at all times. Whether they're dual mounted mini-crossbows or one large crossbow is up to her as she has proficiency to use both. She's once used a single bolt to split a bullet in two.

Criminology: Huntress grew up in a criminal environment and later spent a few years surrounded by gangs and criminals. If there ever was a street-wise hero who stayed on the straight and narrow it would be the Huntress.

Driving: Huntress is an effective driver, able to pilot the Batmobile in high stress and combat situations as well as her own motorcycle at varying degrees of above-average driving situations (being shot at, accelerating to high speeds and over semi-separated bridges).

Firearms: Over the years Huntress realized that firing and reloading bolts at armed individuals may not be the most effective even if they were the most non-lethal. She's adapted her arsenal over time to include various firearms.

Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Huntress is very much a street fighter, before honing her skills in martial arts and kung fu she spent many years getting into intentional fights just to prove and test her mettle. She has since fine-tuned her skill after years of work with Black Canary.

Investigation: Batman, himself, has mentioned Huntress's prowess during investigation situations. She is credited as the "Batman" of the Birds of Prey team and regularly spends her free-time solving cold cases especially when the Mafia is involved

Martial Arts: One of the first steps on her adventuring career was to learn and enhance her fighting style. She learned various disciplines of martial arts, enough to challenge even Lady Shiva. She prefers to use a specific kind of Kung Fu learned from Richard Dragon.

Stick Fighting: Although she prefers to use her martial arts and hand-to-hand combat when it comes to close quarters there has been many occasions where Huntress has used her Battle-Staff to taken on multiple enemies.

Stealth: Huntress can be very stealthy when she needs to. With her specially outfitted suit and various toys in her utility belt she can sneak into a facility and learn whatever information she desires although she sometimes prefers to fight her way in.

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