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LASHINA: CBM Fighter Feature

Lashina’s exact background is unknown, though as a member of the Female Furies, certain key elements are common to all. She was raised on Apokolips in the Orphanage of Granny Goodness, a torturous environment where only the strongest survive. As she proved herself a strong and versatile killer she was eventually chosen as a member of Granny Goodness’s elite squad of assassins known as the Female Furies. She was originally chosen as only a member, but after Big Barda fled from the group she was chosen as its leader.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Alignment: Bad

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Speed


Whip Weapon Proficiency

Lashina is a New God and thus contains the usual characteristics thereof including increased strength and endurance and invulnerability.  She is also an expert in hand to hand combat.  While not one of the absolute strongest characters, she is nonetheless quite powerful, at least able to fight with the likes of Supergirl and Wonder Woman, even if she cannot match their strength levels.  She employs two specialized whips which are constructed of metal and which can discharge electricity to those trapped within them.  She is also an expert with these whips and can do a variety of feats with them.

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