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BLOODRAYNE: CBM : Fighter Feature

BloodRayne is a Dhampir(Human/Vampire Hybrid) who fights Nazis and other supernatural monsters.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Alignment: Good

Powers and Abilities

As Dhampir, she has superhuman strength, speed, agility, and endurance.

Feeding: Rayne drinks the blood of enemies to restore her own health. She can also perform execution moves while feeding to gain Rage.

Aura Vision: Aura Vision allows Rayne to clearly see all living enemies nearby, regardless of the lighting, as well as secret vampire lairs. Using Aura Vision, Rayne can see living beings through walls and doors, and the strength of their aura gives her a rough indication of their health.

Ghost Feed: A ghostly double of Rayne targets the nearest enemy and feeds on them. Some large enemies and all bosses are immune to Ghost Feed. This allows Rayne to regain health while engaging other enemies.

Enthrall: The same ghostly double as in Ghost Feed appears, but this time it enters the targeted enemy, causing the enemy to fight for Rayne. Enthralled enemies are killed when Enthrall wears off.

Dilated Perception: Rayne's reflexes and perception are enhanced, effectively allowing her to slow down her perception of time. This allows her to react more quickly and effectively to whatever might occur. Note that everything still moves at the same speed, Rayne only sees it moving slower.

Super Speed: Rayne's perception of time is slowed as with Dilated Perception, but Rayne also moves faster than normal.

Freeze Time: Despite the name, this ability does not actually freeze time. However, Rayne's speed is dramatically increased and her perception is such that enemies hardly seem to move.

Blood Rage: Rayne's blade attacks and kicks become much stronger, but she cannot block.

Blood Fury: Blood Fury is essentially a more powerful version of Blood Rage. In this state Rayne causes more damage to enemies who can not restrain her frenzied attacks, but as with Blood Rage, cannot block. She will kill anyone who stands in her way.Also in Blood Fury ,Rayne is invurnelable to damage .

Blood Storm: A deadly vortex of blood whirls around Rayne, killing and destroying most enemies within its range instantly. Some large enemies and bosses are not killed by Blood Storm, but are still damaged by it.

Shapeshifting: Bloodrayne gains this ability in Bloodrayne:Betrayal from the misterious Raven when he saves her with the price of his life.She can transform in a raven thus giving her the ability to fly and avoid traps and obstacles and reach ledges that are too far for Rayne to reach.She is also capable of atacking in this form.

Poisoning: Bloodrayne has the ability to infect her enemies by biting them. Once bitten they will explode causing major damage to those around.

Beliar's eye: With Beliar's eye Rayne's sight is vastly improved.She uses this ability as a binocular of sorts and it can be used to snipe enemies from great distances

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