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ABE SAPIEN: Powers and Abilities

Aquatic lifeform found by the BPRD on April 14, 1865 with a paper that said Icthyo sapien.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Powers and Abilities (Comics)


None known.

Olympic-level swimmer, exceptional marksman and hand-to-hand fighter
Can breathe underwater, as well as on land

Can remain underwater indefinitely

Strength level



None known.

Powers and abilites (Movie)

Abe is an extremely talented swimmer, with a natural affinity to water. He can breathe both above and in water, but can only stay out of water for about a week and must soak his skin regularly. Abe has great reflexes and boasts an excellent physique, contributing to his fluid movements and ballet-like motions while swimming. An elegant and awe-inspiring creature, Abe Sapien is also a talented gunsman, often using a standard Colt Pistol, and has a fond relationship with Hellboy and Elizabeth Sherman. His personality is somewhat passive and sarcastic, but is also a contemplative and peaceful being, giving advice and comfort to distressed friends. In both Hellboy movies, Abe has psychic powers including telepathy and psychometry.

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