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XENA: Powers and Abilities

Xena Warrior Princess. Once a warlord, she has now turned to the path of good and fights evil with her best friend Gabrielle by her side!

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Skills and abilities

Xena has many skills that she acquired during her extensive travels to many parts of the ancient world over a period of many years. These include, but are not limited to:

Master Combatant:

She is a master swordsman. She has shown remarkable skill and prowess in hand-to-hand combat including numerous acrobatic tricks. She has been able to disable and/or otherwise kill multiple opponents at one time.

First Aid and Pressure Points:

She is skilled in the use of pressure points—being able to cripple or even kill someone if she triggers the appropriate pressure point. Xena has a knowledge of first aid and herbal remedies that she has used on several adventures.

Military Commander:

She is a formidable tactician and strategic thinker. She has the ability to analyze her enemies' tactics and effectively formulate a response. In responding to her enemies' attacks, she shows a great deal of creativity and ingenuity; at times, she has worked with little or no resources and limited time. Xena is well versed in military tactics such as forming a defensive perimeter, building defensive fortifications, organizing & leading troops, and cutting an enemy's supply lines.

Other Skills

Xena also has a talent for disguises, infiltration and codes. She is strong in the use of smaller weapons such as batons and daggers. Xena knows history, magic, and—on a basic level—philosophy. And in one rare instance, she used telekenetic and energy projection after she realized the truth in Lao Ma's teachings. Xena also once possessed the power to kill gods through her daughter, Eve.

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