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AGENT COULSON: Powers and Abilities

Agent Coulson's origins have yet to be revealed. However, as he holds a position of command within SHIELD we can assume that he has had some sort of military experience before joining.

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As a human being, Agent Coulson doesn't have any super powers. However, his position of authority within SHIELD gives him political power to repossess belongings, break into weapons manufacturing facilities and wield firearms in public places. In the first Iron Man movie it was hinted at that he already had experience in covering up mysterious deaths (by providing a cover story for Stane's death), which was also something that Erik Selvig was concerned about when he recalled SHIELD's involvement in the disappearance of Dr Banner.

Just like most Agents of SHIELD, Coulson will have undergone rigorous training, is adept with a firearm, and remains calm under pressure.

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