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PERCY JACKSON: Powers and Abilities

A demigod who is the son of the Greek God Poseidon and a mortal woman, Percy is the Hero of Camp Half-Blood.

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Powers and Abilities

Percy, like all demigods, has certain "disabilities" and traits. He has ADHD--in reality, however, these "ADHD" symptoms are actually an innate heightened alertness and strong senses that allow demigods to keep track of multiple things simultaneously during combat. In the case of Percy, he can even extrapolate where his enemies will strike simply based on how their muscles tense. He also seemingly has dyslexia since his brain is hard-wired for reading Ancient Greek, the language of the Greek gods, instead of mortal languages. Percy has clairvoyant dreams, allowing him to see events in distant locations in out-of-body experiences. While this is a general feature of demigods, it becomes even more intense during times of strife and when pivotal events are in motion. Percy has an inherent knack for seeing otherwise hidden things thanks to his unpredictable, changeable nature, inherited from his father, Poseidon, as the sea is wild and unpredictable and changeable. Percy can also control water and talk to equines because his father is the god of the sea and created equine creatures out of sea foam. Not to mention, he can also breathe underwater, and while doing this he can keep his clothes dry as well. He can also "talk" to other children of Poseidon while underwater.

Children of the "Big Three" (Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades) are far more powerful than demigods of the other Greek gods. Hence, Percy has a wide range of superhuman abilities. He is a naturally talented swordsman, often able to hold his own against larger, stronger, and more experienced opponents, even the God of War, Ares. He possesses incredible physical strength which allowed him to tear a horn off the head of the Minotaur and bear the weight of the sky for some time, the curse of Atlas. Percy has a psychic connection with his friend Grover, called an empathy link. According to Grover, if either of them dies, the other might as well. In The Last Olympian, Percy bathes in the River Styx (like Achilles), increasing his strength and making him nearly invulnerable except in one weak point, analogous to Achilles' heel (the small of his back, directly opposite the navel). After bathing in the Styx Percy was powerful enough to defeat the god Hades and the Titan Hyperion in combat, although he lost his invulnerability when he crossed the Little Tiber in "The Son of Neptune". As such, he lost the curse; however, his powers appear to be the same, if not stronger.

Aquatic and hydrokinetic abilities
Percy has numerous inherent powers specifically connected to the domains of Poseidon: seas, horses, sea creatures, storms, and earthquakes. His water-related abilities tend to be stronger in natural sea water than in fresh water. Like most other demigods, using his abilities tires him in proportion to the intensity and duration of whatever he does.
Upon contact with water (or later, with his abilities more developed, near water), Percy gains a disproportionate amount of enhanced strength, combat skill, and speed. This effect wears off soon after leaving the water. He can control large volumes of water with great force (hydrokinesis). For example, he can redirect rivers, create currents to push boats or himself, or even increase surface tension to the point where it is firm enough to stand upon. On a smaller scale, he can also hold back the tide and redirect waves, apparently relying on pressurization. Percy can breathe underwater (excluding the waters of the River Styx). He is unharmed by water pressure of any amount, or by falling from great height into water. When Percy is underwater, he stays dry unless he consciously forces himself to become wet. When Percy touches objects underwater, they also become dry, and even combustible, although this affect is removed as soon as he loses contact with it.

Percy can create seawater with little effort with things that used to be in the sea (such as petrified seashells, as in The Battle of the Labyrinth). With effort, he can also do this without any derivatives. He can communicate telepathically with marine life, horses, horse-related creatures (including mythical horses, such as pegasi), most of whom also obey him and treat him with respect. They tend to treat him with some deference and work to accommodate him; a notable exception are the flesh-eating horses in The Battle of the Labyrinth.

While at sea, Percy has perfect bearings on his exact coordinates. He can control all parts of boats telekinetically, especially sails. He can sense objects if they are underwater, and can communicate with children of Poseidon, such as the Cyclops, underwater. Percy is very resistant to burning, and is able to survive for a time while immersed in magma because of the power of the ocean inside of him. He can summon water from bodies of water that are hundreds of miles away from him. However, doing this nearly killed him the one time he tried in Mount St. Helens. Percy can also summon hurricanes, as he does in The Last Olympian, and earthquakes, as he does in The Battle of the Labyrinth, though he cannot sustain such tremendous force for very long. He can manipulate water and ice into forming a miniature hurricane around himself, which he is able to sustain for longer, although still not indefinitely. He can create waves powerful enough to destroy a glacier, as he does in the Son of Neptune.

Percy can release the oxygen diffused in water and force the surrounding water to recede, making an air bubble so his friends with non-hydrokinetic abilities can breathe. He can control ocean currents to propel him at great force underwater, or even up into the air, as he does in his duel with Ares. He can cause water to form stronger-than-normal hydrogen bonds on the molecular level to form shields strong enough to deflect shards of glass. Percy has an accelerated healing factorwhen standing or immersed in water, quickly healing any wounds and curing him of most forms of poison.


In The Lightning Thief, Chiron gives Percy an enchanted sword called Anaklusmos (Riptide). It is made of celestial bronze, a fictional metal which will injure immortals and monsters, but not mortals. Many demigods use celestial bronze weapons, though Anaklusmos is shown to be a far more powerful weapon against monsters than most other blades of its kind. In its dormant form, it appears as a ballpoint pen, but it has been shown to be able to take other forms. It originally belonged to ZoĆ« Nightshade, and she gave it to Hercules. Percy is unable to lose it as it will always return to his pocket soon after being dropped.

In the end of the The Sea of Monsters, Tyson gives Percy a wristwatch that he has made himself. The wristwatch magically encases a shield which can be activated when Percy hits the head of it. Percy, however, loses the watch during the events inThe Battle of the Labyrinth. In addition, in the "Sea of Monsters", Percy is given a pack of magic vitamins, and a thermos of winds. The thermos holds the four winds, and the vitamins can be eaten to counteract magic of any sort. He uses these in the same book in which he got them.

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