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HECTOR HAMMOND: Powers and Abilities

Hector Hammond is a super-villain with strong mental powers who fights Green Lantern. Exposure to an alien meteorite caused his brain to evolve at an accelerated rate making him into an intelligent super-being trapped inside the limitations of his human body. His telepathy and telekinesis allow him the abilities to read and control others' minds as well as flight. Trapped forever grotesquely deformed and spending most of his life in prison, more than anything he craves to feed on the life experiences of others.

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Powers and Abilities

Hammond in his mutated state exhibits genius level intellect, potent telepathic and telekinetic abilities,[1] and on occasion displays the ability to absorb and mentally redirect Green Lantern's emerald plasma. In some incarnations, his body has atrophied to the point where he cannot walk and he has to strap his head to a chair to support its weight.As the host of Ophidian, he has access to the powers that an Orange Lantern has, without needing an orange power ring to access them.

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