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MINA MURRAY: Powers and Abilities

Wilhelmina is most well known as the heroine in the novel Dracula.

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Having bathed in the fountain of immortality Mina no longer ages.


Acting: Several of her missions with the League required Mina to operate under cover. She has impersonated a prostitute, an expectant mother, and a homeless woman.

Pedagogy: Prior to her encounter with the vampire Dracula, Mina worked as a school mistress, specializing in the teaching of etiquette and social behavior.

Leadership: As a member of the League, Mina demonstrated natural leadership capabilities. Even in the midst of great adversity, she always maintained a level head, and was able to make sound decisions under pressure. Even though she didn't always curry favor with the rest of the League, they always seemed to defer to her wisdom.

Strength level

Average: Mina Murray possessed the strength level of a woman her age, size and weight who engaged in moderate regular exercise.

the film version of Mina Murray was a supernatural creature, half-human/half-vampire. Although Dracula had been destroyed before could be turned, enough of the vampire lord's blood remained in Mina's body, giving her various vampiric gifts, including hyper-reflexes, fangs and the ability to leap and move swiftly with animalistic grace. An added benefit, is that she is not vulnerable to traditional vampire weaknesses. She can function in daylight, and religious icons do not seem to have any affect on her. 

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