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GREEN HORNET & KATO: Powers and Abilities

Green Hornet, with his sidekick Kato, use martial arts as well different weapons like gas guns to fight crime, riding in their car the "Black Beauty."

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Green Hornet

Genius-level intelligenceMaster detectiveExpert hand-to-hand combatant


Genius-level intelligenceMaster martial artistAutomotive engineering expert

Although possessing no superpowers, Kato has a lifetime of martial arts training behind him, mastering Bushido and Shinobido to the highest degree. Mostly using his bare hands, he can also formidably use any martial arts weapon and is skilled at improvising weapons out of ordinary objects and using his surroundings. His martial arts training also allowed him to be at peak physical condition.

In addition, Kato is a skilled mechanic, resourceful inventor, expert wheelman and a reliable valet. With no superhero name, Kato has been considered to be the "Black Hornet, to the Green Hornet's sting ..." With this there has been confusion of the Green Hornet and Kato's arch nemesis the Black hornet.

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