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BARB WIRE: Powers and Abilities

Barbara Kopetski is a bar owner in a town called Steel Harbor.The town looks much like a war zone. People call Barbara Barb Wire. She is a bounty hunter to help pay the bills for the bar.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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In Steel Harbor, a bombed-out wreck of a town, thrill-junkie Barbara Kopetski - better known as "Barb Wire" - is a bar owner and part-time bounty hunter (in order to pay for her bar, The Hammerhead). She is skilled in many areas, but excels in combat-related abilities. While she has a brother and several allies, she is essentially a loner, although this is something which is uncomfortable for her to think about.

Powers/Abilities: Able to swiftly learn any skill. Extremely capable combatant, both unarmed and with most weapons.

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