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ANGEL SALVADORE: Powers and Abilities

Angel Salvadore was a winged mutant with an insectoid physiology. Once a student at the Xavier Institute, she became known as Angel IV until she lost her mutant powers on M-Day. She then joined the New Warriors as Tempest until the group disbanded. She is married to Barnell Bohusk.

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As Tempest: When she later became a member of the New Warriors, she gained technologically based fire, ice, and flight powers from the new costume given to her.

Former Powers: Angel was, before the Scarlet Witch's M-Day, a mutant. She possessed the following powers:
Insectoid Physiology: During the onset of Angel's mutation, she spun a cocoon around herself that changed her body's physical makeup, making her inner body similar to that of a housefly. Thus, her body was capable of withstanding the rigors of flight, and had a special glad for producing digestive acid that Angel could use as a weapon. This acid was powerful, and was used to melt most substances. Angel's reproductive system also changed, causing her to have a short gestation period (5 days) and to lay eggs like an insect rather than live young like a mammal. These eggs were produced from her body, and were held upside down by a sticky substance that Angel's body produced. It is likely that Angel also possessed the ability to walk on walls and ceilings like a fly could. Angel's eggs combined her DNA and the DNA of the one who impregnated her, as displayed by her and Barnell's children.
Flight: After Angel burst out of her first cocoon, she had grown a pair of veined, cellophane like insectoid wings that allowed her to fly at an unknown speed. She had great aerial maneuverability, even greater than some off the other winged mutants at the institute such as Warren Worthington III. She could, at the very least, have no motion and hover in place, except for the buzzing of her wings.

Sonic Vibrational Capacities: Angel was capable of moving her wings at high speeds, creating potent sonic blasts that were powerful enough to shatter glass and to render those around her deaf. It is likely that these vibrations would harm even those with greater durability, and could have shattered solid objects. Because she is now depowered and using technology provided by Night-Thrasher, we will likely never know the true extent of this power.

Healing Cocoon: Angel was, somewhat unconciously, capable of spinning cocoons around herself that healed her in an unknown way. This healing was potent enough to heal her wings if they were damaged or torn off, and could heal injuries to Angel's body, though reportedly this cocoon could not heal Angel at the level that Wolverine's healing factor could.

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