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KENSHIN (SAMURAI X) HIMURA: Powers and Abilities

Kenshin is a wandering swordsman who wields a "reverse bladed sword." He has sworn never to kill again after he ended his assassin career during the Tokugawa War.

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Kenshin is also an unparalleled orator, capable of spinning eloquence or humor into an offhand comment and prone to making grand, moving speeches off the top of his head. While maintaining his cool, he is rather adept at philosophical arguments, swiftly seeing the cracks in any opponent's logic without missing a beat in conversation.

And, of course, he is particularly famous for his almost inhuman swordsmanship. Having inherited the Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū sword style from his master, Hiko Seijūrō XIII, Kenshin's light frame allows him to use the style's "godspeed" to its fullest, moving so rapidly that he routinely outpaces the human eye, and his own prowess with Battōjutsu earned him his infamous moniker.

Kenshin Moves

Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu

Sword of the Soaring Heavens

In Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu, the pace of sword skills is exetremely fast. The skills can be divided into four main parts. There are different names of skills in each part.

The first part is called "Ran-Geki-Jutsu", which means wield the sword to attack sequentially in once. Skills belong to "Ran-Geki-Jutsu" are: Ryu Kan Sen, Dou Ryu Sen, and Ryu- Sou- Sen.

The second part is called "Totsu-Shin-Jutsu", it means to attack immediately and just wield the sword once. Skills of this part are: Ryu-Tsui-Sen, Ryu-Kan-Sen Tsumuji, and Ryu-Sho-Sen.

The third part is called "Batto-Jutsu", I think everybody is familiar with this skill. Certainly it is the skill to attack by drawing the sword. Names are: Hi-Ryu-Sen, Sou-Ryu-Sen, and Sou-Ryu-Sen Igazuchi.

The last part is the most important and powerful skill in which the master can be killed while passing it on is Ouki Ama-Kakeru-Ryu-no-hirameki. In each generation heritage of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu, the master always killed by the student after passing on the the final and most powerful skill. It's the tragic fate of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu.

Dou Ryu Sen (Ground Dragon Flash) -- The user slashes the ground with god-like strength; whatever is on the ground becomes a projectile and hits the opponent.

Ryu Tsui Sen (Dragon Mallot Flash) -- down to slash the opponent with one stroke.

Ryu Tsui Sen Zan -- it's just like the orignal move but instead the sowrd is pointing down to pierce the opponent.

Ryu Sou Sen (Dragon Rising Flash) -- The user randomly slashes his opponent in every vital point with great speed. It is ideal for opponents who have great stamina.

Sou Ryu Sen (Twin Dragon Flash) -- The user uses both his sword and his sheath to do this move. He starts with the battou stance and lets the opponent strike first. At the last second, he draws his sword out to hit the opponent. If the opponent somehow manages to dodge the first attack, he follows through with his sheath.

Sou Ryu Sen Igazuchi (Twin Dragon Flash Lightning) -- It is a variation of the original; the user leads with the sheath and then the sword follows.

Ryu Kan Sen (Dragon Wind Up Flash) -- The user counters the opponent's attacks by using their own momentum against them. He dodges the opponent's attack, turns around, and hits the opponent on the back.

Ryu Kan Sen Tsumuji (Drangon Wind Up Flash Hair Spin) -- It is like the Ryu Kan Sen except that this one is not a counter attack. instead, he charges at the opponent with his god-like speed and hits them on the back of the neck where they least expect it.

Ryu Sho Sen (Dragon Rising Flash) -- This is the opposite of the Ryu Tsui Sen. Instead of coming down, he jumps up and hits the opponent on the jaw with his sword.

Ryu Sou Sen Garami -- is an alternative form of Ryu Sou Sen. Instead of striking the vital points at high speed, this attacks a focused point(such as a head, torso) at high speed.

Ryu Tsui Sho Sen (Dragon Mallot Rising Flash) --This is a combination of Ryu Tsui Sen and Ryu Sho Sen. The user preforms Ryu Tsui Sen first and then follows up with Ryu Sho Sen.

Rai Ryu Sen (Lightning Dragon Flash) -- The user uses his sword to reflect light which blinds the opponents; this is a variation of Shin no ippou (performed by Jine).

Ryu Mei Ryu Sen -- The user puts the sword back into the sheath with great force. As a result, it makes a loud sound, which can damage the opponent's nerves and hearing.

Kuzu Ryu Sen (Nine Headed Dragon Flash) -- The user uses god-like speed to attack all nine vital points in one stroke. Impossible to dodge and defend.

Ouki Amakake Ryu no Hirameki (Heaven's Soaring Dragon Flash) -- This is the only move that can cancel out the Kuzu Ryu Sen. Instead of using the right leg to perform a slash, he uses the left leg to make it stronger and faster. This move can only be done by those who have a strong will to live.

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