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HE-MAN: Powers and Abilities

Brave champion of the planet Eternia, He-Man battles Skeletor and the forces of evil to bring peace to the universe.

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He-man is powered by the magical power of Castle Grayskull, and when tapping into that power he is given magical strength, invulerability and what ever magical feats that he would need to call upon at the time. Though much of these feats are unknown to him as he is not told of the extent of the power he has, Much of this is learned during events.


He is already trained in sword combat and close quarters combat. much of this is due to training from master of arms, Man-at-arms, and Teela. He has endurance to most dark magic and has shown uncanny wisdom while in the form of he-man. Though much is still unknown. much of his powers extend around almost boundless strength that can increase based on his usage of the powers of grayskull.

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