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AZAZEL: Powers and Abilities

A demonic-looking mutant and leader of the Neyaphem, Azazel was banished to a dimensional void due to his appearance. Becoming bitter at what he considered "Normal-looking" mutants, Azazel began fathering children with mutants bearing strange appearances, one of whom would become Nightcrawler, as a part of his overall plan to escape the void. He would clash with the X-Men over his plans before eventually being defeated and re-banished.

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Azazel displays a number of super-human abilities during his appearances; these include:

Immortal: his aging process is greatly retarded and he can apparently regenerate injured or missing cells from even near-fatal injuries:

Teleportation: able to psionically transport himself, his clothing, and additional mass across inter-dimensional distances.

Paralyzation: ability to generate bolts of paralyzing energy.

Metamorph: can disguise his appearance through unknown means.

Will Bending: ability to manipulate minds giving him influence over others.


He is also a master swordsman with a somewhat twisted code of honor and ethics.


Azazel can only spend limited time on Earth without the assistance of his children. He and all other Neyaphem are negatively affected by the healing blood of the Cheyarafim which causes their body to begin to breakdown.

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