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• Base your vote on the version of the character presented on the picture.
   - Click the [BIO] link to get all available information about the character
• The fight doesn't need to be a deathmatch.  If you think a character can incapacitate his opponent without killing him/her, you can consider that a win.

• Fighters don't have any prior knowledge of their opponent.  This is a first encounter fight.

• A huge abandoned mall.  It is fully stack of items you normally see in a mall.  The building is functioning, however no people are inside to avoid any civilian casualties.

• One week.  A fight can last from mere seconds to the whole duration of the week.  This is to accommodate different fight styles of the combatants.  Super-strong characters normally would clash head on instantly, however other fighters may need stealth and preparation, so please consider those factors when voting.

• Characters are plucked from their respective universe.  They are placed on a "neutral-reality" Earth.  
• Fighters wake up on opposite sides of the mall.  They won't have any idea where their opponent is.  
• Fighters are just given an instruction that they need to win the fight.

• Below the character portraits there is a poll, please vote who you think will win in that fight.

• Here is where your Geek creds come in, write down your explanation why you think your character is the victor in the superfight. 

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