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POPEYE: CBM Fighter Feature

Popeye is a sailor character and protagonist appearing in comics and animated cartoons, known for his squinting (or entirely missing) right eye, huge forearms, skinny upper arms, and corncob pipe. He can occasionally be seen smoking his pipe but usually he toots it like a tugboat and sometimes uses it as a weapon by blowing the smoke in his enemies faces. His strength varies among his appearances, in some, he is unusually strong and can lift heavy objects over his head, but in others he is a weaker man whose only physical attribute is a higher-than-average pain endurance, but in most cases he is able to gain a boost in strength to defeat an enemy by eating spinach. He is known to mutter when he speaks and mispronounce words (e.g, he calls elephants and infants "elephinks" and "infinks").

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Powers and Abilities

Already a pretty strong guy to start with, whenPopeye eats Spinach he gains unparalleled superhuman strength.

Popeye is a sailor who gains super human strength after eating spinach. After eating spinach, Popeye has demonstrated the ability to punch some to the Moon and even close the Grand Canyon by pulling it together with a rope. 

Popeye's pipe has many abilities including, a torch that can be used to open a can of spinach or it can spin, giving him the ability to fly.  After eating spinach he usually blows through his pipe making a steam whistle sound.

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