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BEETLEJUICE: CBM Fighter Feature

Beetlejuice is a Bio-Exorcist, a ghost who can exorcise the living. He is very strange and hangs out with his only real friend Lydia Deetz .

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Beetlejuice's powers vary in strength and intensity. The original move as Beetlejuice using various ghostly tricks ranging from possessing humans, shape shifting into various objects and creatures(A giant snake, increasing size, sprouting spikes over his body), summoning and animating inanimate objects to serve him (like Ms. Deetzartwork), performing magic that affects the living and ghosts, teleporting, and overall turning his domain into his personal plaything. These abilities make him an excellent Bio-Exorcist who specializes in getting rid of the living. Beetlejuice can be summoned to the living realm by saying his name three times and can then be sent back to the afterlife by saying his name again three times. In his animated series seems to be even more powerful, readily displaying great feats of magic and being able to subdue most other denizens of the afterlife. His disembodied brain has stated that Beetlejuice has enough power to take over the entire netherworld. His body is powered by what he refers to as "juice" which powers his abilities. Beetlejuice's juice even allows his individual body parts to become sentient and sometimes rebel against their host. Beetlejuice's powers work on what is know as literal translation. Whatever he says happens in the most literal sense of the phrase. Beetlejuice said "I'm flat broke" and promptly turned into a disk which shattered on the ground. Beetlejuice once even broke the 4th wall by saying "this literal tranlation stuff slays me" where he was promptly smashed by large print of that exact phrase. This can be used against him if his enemies can get him to say something detrimental to himself. 4 villians once got him to say that he was "falling apart at the seems". He promptly fell to pieces which were scattered across the afterlife. Beetlejuice's overall power decreases when he is split apart and cannot perform magic headless. Another weakness his his fear of sandworms, large striped worms that feed in the afterlife denizens. Even seeing a sandworm causes Beetlejuice to panic and be unable to use his magic to its most effective even though he has plenty of power to deal with them.

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