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Check out a detailed break down of Marvel's Shiny Swordsman's history in comics, as he is set to make his big screen debut in The Wolverine where he will be brought to life by Will Yun Lee.
First Appearance
Kenuichio Harada is the illegitimate son of the former Japanese crimelord Shingen Yashida. He is a Japanese mutant with the power to charge almost anything, most notably his katana, with mutant energy which enables it to slice through any known substance except adamantium. He also sports a suit based on traditional samurai armor. It is made of a silver metal, hence his name..

The Silver Samurai being the son of Shingen is also the brother to Wolverine's first love, Mariko Yashida.

Silver Samurai was the bodyguard of Viper and later an occasional mercenary.

He became the head of Clan Yashida after his half-sister Mariko Yashida's death.

Harada was a long-time enemy of Wolverine, until an honorable action gained him his trust. They even fought together to bring down the monster Doombringer.

However, later on Silver Samurai finds himself at odds again with Wolverine in which he loses his right hand on their fight.

Silver Samurai met his demise in the storyline : The Last Stand of the Silver Samurai. Here he fought off a demon horde while defending Clan Yashida's home. He defeated them but was fatally wounded.

Team Affiliations

Big Hero 6

Looks and Costumes

Alternate Realities / Alternate Versions

Included only are the versions that have distinct look and background than the main universe version

Left (Age of Apocalypse): Keniuchio Harada was an enforcer for his father Shingen Harada. One of his primary responsibilities was to protect his young half sister, the idealistic Mariko Yashida. Keniuchio had past interactions with the mutant berserker known as Weapon X (Logan).

Center (Zombiverse)

Right : In a universe where his half-sister was able to marry Wolverine.

Letf (Noir) : He is known here as Lieutenant Kenuichio Harada

Center : The Silver Samurai is enraged when The Heroes for Hire's Danny Rand refused to send his Avengers team to stop Moses Magnum for a measly two billion dollars when they usually cost five billion. Millions of Japanese died because of this decision, and what became of the Samurai remains unknown.

Right: How Silver Samurai looked in a universe where Daredevil died saving Elektra.


Keniuchio Harada's illegitimate son,Shingen "Shin" Harada, is currently using the name Silver Samurai he is wearing a hi-tech suit.

Animated Depictions

X-Men Animated Series

Silver Samurai has appeared in the X-Men episode "The Lotus and the Steel", voiced by Igor Estrada. He is simply portrayed as a gang leader whose thugs terrorize every village for tribute to him each year. Wolverine first encounters him while gathering timber as Silver Samurai warns him not to interfere with his gang's affairs. The villagers stand their ground with the help of Jubilee and Wolverine bests the Samurai in single combat by taking advantage of Samurai's habit of teleporting behind him: Wolverine anticipates the move and disables the teleportation device, humiliating the Silver Samurai.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Silver Samurai appears in the Wolverine and the X-Men episode "Code of Conduct", voiced by Keone Young. The Silver Samurai, being Japanese nobility and part of the Yakuza clan, was engaged to Mariko Yashida by her father as part of an arranged marriage. However, he also had to duel Wolverine for Mariko's hand, which he lost. Nonetheless, Mariko chose Harada, because she had sworn her loyalty to him, because the Yakuza would've killed them both if she choose otherwise.

Live Portrayal/s


In the film X2, his name appears on a list of names Mystique scrolls through on Stryker's computer while looking for Magneto's file.

The Wolverine

Silver Samurai will be the main antagonist in this upcoming film and will be played by Will Yun Lee.


Will Yun Lee already played a Katana wielding Marvel Character in Elektra named Kirigi.

Powers and Abilties

Tachyon Field: Ability to generate a tachyon energy field from within his body. Though he can focus this energy through anything. He typically focuses this field through his sword, allowing it to cut through almost any substance.

The Silver Samurai is a master of Kenjutsu, the art of wielding a katana, and is an expert in the art of Bushido, the history and customs of the samurai class. He is also a highly skilled master of the Oriental martial arts.

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