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RIVER TAM: CBM Fighter Feature

The experiments performed on River have had a definite damaging effect on her psyche. River's emotional state can change rapidly between somber, happy and energetic, hysterical fear and crying, to a "killer mode". Specific events may trigger personality changes within her including extreme stimulus, danger, or mental triggers implanted by the Alliance. She is occasionally and perhaps inexplicably prone to delusions where she may perceive items or scenarios in the real world as metaphorical counterparts, which can result in dangerous situations for those around her. Simon continues to work with River, attempting to find a combination of psychoactive medication that will help her cope. Thus far there has only been marginal progress, however as time progresses River seems to be learning to deal with her past and her abilities (although at this point her personality still remains volatile).

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Powers and Abilities

River's full potential may not have been explored yet. She is of genius level intelligence, and is capable of excelling at virtually any task she puts her mind to. Her studies have given her an in-depth knowledge of a variety of fields. She is a weapons expert, particularly proficient in the use of blades and handguns. She is also an expert at hand-to-hand combat, using hybrid forms of fighting that incorporate aspects of multiple martial arts as well as the grace of a trained dancer. When fighting River is capable of matching as well and defeating large numbers of opponents at once. River is capable of flying ships.River has exhibited a number of psychic abilities. She has demonstrated mild telepathic/empathic abilities. She can read the thoughts and intentions of those in close proximity to her, allowing her to tell when people are lying and knowing what people will think or say before it happens. She is sometimes over-powered when the emotions of those around her run high. She has some connection to the dead, and was overwhelmed with the voices of the dead when on a planet where all of the inhabitants had died. River is also capable of at least mild precognition and is able to sense danger before it happens.

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