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HIRO NAKAMURA: CBM Fighter Feature

Hiro Nakamura is an office worker, specifically a level-3 programmer at Yamagato Industries, living in Tokyo, Japan who one day discovers he has the power to manipulate time and space (The Crane). An otaku (at least in the American sense of the word), Hiro is an avid fan of superheroes and science fiction. Naïve and over-eager, Hiro is the one character that aspires to the pure heroism of comic book crime fighters, shouldering the responsibility to use his powers for good. His best friend is the skeptical Ando Masahashi. At the start, Hiro is only able to speak Japanese, relying on Ando as his translator, but as the series progresses, his English slowly develops.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Powers and Abilities

When first introduced, Hiro had the power to manipulate time, as well as traveling through space. He can stop time, time travel, teleport, slow down time and can bring someone along with him when he time travels. When he first discovered his powers, he only turned time back a second. He discovered his power to time travel when he moved through time when he teleported to New York City.

During the volume "Villains", Arthur Petrelli steals Hiro's powers. In Cold Snap of volume "Fugitives" he regains his ability to manipulate time thanks to Matt Parkman's son. However he has not regained his ability to teleport through time and space. This reactivation, however, is artificial and is causing his body to react negatively - specifically rupturing blood vessels in his head - when he uses his powers. He did not suffer this effect when in close proximity to Matt Parkman Jr. - whose power reactivated Hiro's - so it could be that the infant's power could completely restore Hiro to his full abilities and eliminate this rejection once the child is old enough to control his power consciously. Although Hiro's powers have been weakened, when Peter Petrelli duplicates it to find a cure for Hiro, he can teleport through space as well as time.

When Hiro arrives to Africa, to kidnap The African Man, it seems like that he uses his power to know what Hiro does. This means that Hiro's space-and-time manipulation doesn't have use against him.

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