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TRON: CBM FightClub PowerSet

Tron is a security program that was created in the real world by Alan Bradley. Tron would aid Kevin in the design of his digitized world and become one of his closest friends, risking his life for him many times. Tron was a master of all the Grid Games.

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Alignment: Good

Powers and Abilities

Tron possesses unparalleled skill within the computer world - so much that even Commander Sark expressed a degree of professional respect for him, despite otherwise viewing him as a slave - and is a master at all of the Game Grid gladiator games, especially Disc Wars and Light Cycles. Tron easily defeated four of the MCP's game programs in the Disc Wars game and later engaged Sark in solo combat on his way to help fight the MCP, ultimately dealing Sark a lethal blow.

Tron also has the ability to remove the effects of the MCP's brainwashing, as shown when he successfully restored Yori to her normal self. His complete topographic understanding of the system makes him a master tactician and effective leader.

Tron's abilities include complete mastery of his identity disc, which allowed him to quietly snipe Sark's Lieutenant. After he was copied to the Tron system, he initially used his identity disc and two batons. Later, Tron acquired a second disc from one of Clu's Black Guards and redeveloped his combat style to employ both discs together.

In TRON: Legacy, Tron is shown to still be an excellent fighter as he takes on four Clu's elite Black Guards and defeats them with ease.

In TRON: Uprising, it is mentioned by Tron that he could no longer fight as well as he used to, revealing the full extent of his injuries which include his entire chest area being derezzed. Despite this, Tron was still able to skillfully dodge Beck's attacks, even doing so with both his hands placed behind his back. It is also worth noting that Tron took a direct hit from Clu's identity disc but survived. However, Tron needs to regularly place himself in a healing chamber, which is the only thing that keeps him from fully derezzing.

Tron being a security program was an excellent fighter and a master at all of the grid games. He is a very skilled and acrobatic fighter especially with a identity disk and is an expert with a light-cycle.  As Rinzler he was also seen with dual disks in combat.

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