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ROBOCOP: CBM FightClub PowerSet

Alex J. Murphy was a normal cop in Old Detroit when he was mortally wounded and reborn as RoboCop.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Alignment: Good

Powers and Abilities

Robocop has a series of enhanced senses, and everythinghe sees and hears is recorded, allowing it to be used in court. Aswell as standard vision, he can view things telescopically or with infra-red.He is superhumanly strong, most of his skin is covered with metal body armour(leaving only his chin exposed) and he carries a machine pistol which isholstered in a hollow unit in one of his legs. He is incredibly accuratewith this weapon.


The Auto-9 is a powerful hand gun which is stored on a mechanical bracket in RoboCop's right leg. This weapon fires three round bursts. Clips of ammunition are stored in the right wrist of RoboCop's armor.

RoboCop's left hand is also removable and can be replaced with a Gatling gun as shown inFrank Miller's RoboCop, and in the film Robocop 3, although in the film it resembles more of a futuristic assault rifle than a Gatling gun.

RoboCop also has what is referred to by fans as a "dataspike" a computer terminal accessing device that resembles a long metallic spike that is occasionally used as a impromptu melee weapon.

In the film RoboCop 3, RoboCop is also shown with a jet-pack at the climax of the film.  

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