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HERCULES: CBM FightClub PowerSet

Divine Demi-God Son of the king of the Greek Gods Zeus and the mortal woman Alcmene. However, his parentage and favoritism from his father made him a target of hatred by some of the other Olympians, notably Hera and Ares. On the other hand, his heroic deeds and noble labours and saving lives made him the greatest hero for mankind, and his legend lived on for centuries throughout the ages.

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Alignment: Good

Powers and Abilities

As a Demi-God and a son of Zeus Hercules Possesses Great Strength and Abilities. Depending on who you asked, he had the Strength of twenty, hundred, or even a thousand men. (HTLJ: "Pride Comes Before a Brawl"; "Medea Culpa"; Two Men and a Baby "A Rock and a Hard Place"). He was known as the strongest man in the world, and he lived up to this title many times. He Also Possesses great Superhuman Stamina, Courage, Senses, Agility, Resilience, Reflexes, and Regeneration. he also possesses a high Immunity to diseases, poison, viruses and magic, and was able to withstand almost any attack. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge") he also possessed great Dexterity and Accuracy with anything he did weather it was shooting a bow and arrow Let the Games Begincatching a arrow, fighting, fishing, playing a guitar or dancing ...And Fancy Free, The Other Side, If I Had a Hammer... Reign of Terror, As Darkness Falls, Top God.

His Wisdom, Charms and Passion was known far and wide, which Hercules attributed to his mortal Mother Alcmenerather than Zeus. (HTLJ: "Pride Comes Before a Brawl") Top God.

Hercules gained Super-Speed from the Druids (Resurrection, Render Unto Caesar).

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