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DR WHO: CBM FightClub PowerSet

A Time Lord who travels through time and space, adventuring and righting wrongs.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Alignment: Good

Powers and Abilities

The Doctor is a Time Lord, and so possesses all the traits inherent to his race. He has two hearts, and internally does not much resemble a human, though his exterior form, to date, always does. He has an extremely long lifespan that has been implied to theoretically last forever, and though his exact age has always been unclear due to his nature as a time traveller, he may be upwards of 900 years old, and could be over 1,100. He, like other Time Lords, is capable of regeneration: when faced with a mortal wound he can regenerate his whole body, restoring himself to perfect health. This has a side effect of altering his physical appearance and his personality. He appears to possess increased stamina, and has been shown to withstand external damage, such as electricity and some types of radiation, that would kill a human. He possesses limited telepathic abilities that allow for the sharing of memories and some mental communication, particularly with other Time Lords. He is also a skilled hypnotist. He has the ability to perceive time, and can tell when he is able to alter the flow of events and when they must be allowed to occur, as well as an ability to see the past, present and future.

The Doctor is incredibly intelligent, and has displayed a facility for science, medicine, and music, among others. He is also skilled at physical pursuits such as football, cricket, and boxing. He is capable of speaking some five billion languages, though that number might be enhanced by the translation circuits of the TARDIS which communicate with him telepathically. He can also read a number of these languages, including Old High Gallifreyan, which is a rare ability even among Time Lords. He is a quick talker and a skilled strategist, though this ability has waxed and waned across various regenerations. He disapproves of most weaponry, especially guns, though has shown himself capable of using it successfully when the need arises.

Equipment and Weapons

The Doctor is in possession of a number of items of Gallifreyan technology that aid him. Notable among these are his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension[s] In Space), a space-time vehicle that he uses to travel through time, and also to teleport from place to place. He possesses a Type 40 TARDIS, which he stole, and which was quite obsolete by the time the Time War destroyed Gallifrey. Its malfunctioning chameleon circuit means that it is stuck as a 1950s-era British police box, though if it were working correctly it would be able to assume any shape that would help it blend in with the time period. It is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside; the exterior tends to be quite small, while the inside is gigantic, and contains several large rooms. He also has a sonic screwdriver, which is a multi-purpose sonic tool that performs numerous functions including triangulation, cutting and reattachment, and can be used to operate numerous kinds of machinery, among other capabilities. He also has a Chameleon Arch, which allows him to rewrite his DNA and hide away his Time Lord personality, should the need arise.

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