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ARAGORN, LEGOLAS AND GIMLI: Powers and Abilities

The unlikely trio of human, elf and dwarf, a portion of the fellowship who quested to destroy the One Ring of Evil to Mordor.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Powers and Abilities

Superpowers: Aragorn has no superpowers.

Tracking: Due to the large amount of time Aragorn spent in and leading the rangers he has developed fantastic navigational and tracking abilities.

Sword Fighting: Through decades of training with both men and elves and thanks in part to his heritage he is one of the greatest swordsman in Middle Earth, and one of the greatest swordsman ever.

Leadership: Aragorn has displayed exceptional leadership traits when he led the Rangers, The Fellowship (following death of Gandalf the Grey) and Gondor.

Diplomacy: While leading Gondor he secured various treaties and agreements with the Rohirrim and Haradarim and Easterlings to ensure and maintain peace.

Archery: His elven training gave him great archery skill, although he usually relies upon his sword: Anduril.

Horse Riding: He has the ability to ride for several days without rest, and can also ride completely silently.

Endurance: He has fought continuously for several days without proper rest, and has tracked hobbits for hundreds of leagues of a few days without sleeping.

Indomitable Will: He has shown the ability to resist Sauron's malice and evil and inspired courage in the darkest hour.


Legolas is a superb archer as well as being highly skilled with melee weapons such as swords and a long knife. Being an elf Legolas' speed, strength, agility, and stamina are at a near superhuman level. It is also safe to assume that Legolas is very well versed in magic (as are most elves) although he has not been seen to cast a spell. Legolas is also functionally immortal and will not die of old age. 


Gimli favoured the axe as his primary weapon, as well as being open to the option of choosing how or which one to slay the enemy.

Gimli was known for his skill with the Axe, and during the War of the Ring he wielded five different types of axes.

A bearded axe

Two throwing axes

A walking axe

A battle axe

Double-Blade Axe

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