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SYLAR: Powers and Abilities

A former watchmaker who discovered his superhuman abilities and became a serial killer obsessed with obtaining the powers of others. Currently reformed.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
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Powers and Abilities

Sylar's innate ability is the power to determine exactly how things work. Sylar used this innate ability to discover how to take the abilities of other evolved humans. He determined that Chandra Suresh was correct that the abilities are based in the brain, and several of Sylar's victims have had their skulls opened and brains removed. By studying his victims' brains he is able to determine how their powers work and replicate those abilities himself.

Arthur revealed to Sylar that he can obtain the abilities of other people withoutkilling them through empathy. Arthur left Sylar in a room with Elle, with whom he had a long talk, after which Sylar manifested her ability. It is unknown whether this manifestation was related to empathic mimicry or just a different method of using intuitive aptitude to understand an ability.

With this ability comes a 'hunger' for more knowledge and power. Sylar believes that it is this hunger that drives him to murder others and steal their powers. Twice he has been able to suppress this hunger. In one one future he battled to keep his hunger in check for the sake of his son, while in another he had acquired enough abilities to the point where he was comfortable eradicating every other evolved human (and thus, destroying every other ability) on the planet.
According to his assignment tracker file at primatechpaper.com, Sylar's control index is 76%. His data analysis shows his biological level at 40, cerebral at 85, elemental at 45, and temporal/spatial at 20.
During their conversation, Sylar and Noah confirmed that Sylar has multiple abilities (Fallout); however, apart from telekinesis, the Company was unable to identify what these powers were (Godsend). Based onMohinder's statement to the authorities (Fallout) that at least six people from his father's list have beenmurdered by Sylar (prior to Zane Taylor), it's likely that Sylar had acquired at least ten abilities before he was infected with the Shanti virus in Kindred: the six Mohinder mentioned, plus four he acquired after Mohinder made his statement.

While he was infected, he attempted to take an ability from Candice Wilmer, but he was unable to use it. In an interview, the writers confirmed that Sylar was unable to acquire this ability while infected.

After he cured himself of the virus (Powerless) he was once again able to use his innate ability in addition to the ability he had acquired from Brian Davis, which he retained due to his guilt over killing Brian [1]. He was not, however, able to use the other abilities he acquired before his infection (confirmed here).

He has acquired several new abilities since curing himself of the virus and continues to acquire more, although he now seems to pursue them less obsessively.

He inherited intuitive aptitude from his father, Samson Gray.

Acquired Abilities

With Sylar's ability enabling him to take the abilities of others, he has acquired many abilities.

Before he was infected with the Shanti virus (Kindred), he had acquired the following abilities (in order):

Telekinesis from Brian Davis (Six Months Ago)

Shattering from Trevor Zeitlan (Villains)

Freezing from James Walker (Don't Look Back)

Melting from Zane Taylor (Run!)

Enhanced hearing from Dale Smither (Unexpected)

Precognition from Isaac Mendez (.07%)

Induced radioactivity from Ted Sprague (Landslide)

Sylar originally stole enhanced memory from Charlie Andrews (Seven Minutes to Midnight). However, inOnce Upon a Time in Texas, Hiro Nakamura went back in time, preventing the event from having happened. Thus, in the current timeline, Sylar never acquired the ability.

When he was infected, his intuitive aptitude and telekinesis were suppressed, and his other abilities were permanently lost.

He has since recovered from the virus (using a cure in Powerless), and subsequently demonstrated his original ability and telekinesis. Since that time, he has acquired the following additional powers:

Rapid cellular regeneration from Claire Bennet (The Second Coming)

Alchemy from Bob Bishop (The Butterfly Effect)

Clairsentience from Bridget Bailey (One of Us, One of Them)

Sound manipulation from Jesse Murphy (One of Us, One of Them)

Electric manipulation from Elle Bishop (It's Coming)

Lie detection from Sue Landers (Our Father)

Imprinting from Joe Macon (Out of Town... On Business)

Shape shifting from James Martin (Into Asylum)

Disintegration from Tom Miller (I Am Sylar)

Flight from Nathan Petrelli (An Invisible Thread)

Empathy from Lydia (Let It Bleed)

Sylar killed Echo DeMille, severed Danny Pine's metallic arm, and knocked out Eric Doyle (Dual), but it is unknown whether or not he took their abilities; Doyle is still alive, Echo's body showed no signs of brain removal, and Danny's body was missing. Echo's ability is the same as Jesse Murphy's, which Sylar had taken previously.

Telekinesis is Sylar's most commonly observed acquired ability. Before his infection, he frequently used freezing as a secondary offensive ability and the passive enhanced hearing as well. Since recovering from the virus and acquiring new abilities, he often uses the passive abilities of lie detection and rapid cell regeneration, and he also seems to favor electric manipulation, shape shifting, and clairsentience. He has demonstrated the ability to use at least two of his acquired abilities at the same time (The Hard Part).

Possibly because of his intuitive aptitude, Sylar's control over an acquired ability is often superior to that of the person from whom he obtained it.

It was originally unclear whether or not Sylar stole Nathan's flight in An Invisible Thread using the empathic part of his ability, as he had previously levitated using telekinesis alone. However, Shadowboxing confirms that he did in fact obtain flight from Nathan.

While Sylar's mind was trapped within Matt Parkman's brain, Sylar was able to manipulate him with his owntelepathy. However, Sylar never possessed the ability himself.

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