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JAMES BOND: Powers and Abilities

Commander James Bond, also known as 007, is a suave, sophisticated 00 Agent of MI6. He carries a licence to kill, is well trained in many forms of combat, is skilled at driving and weaponry, speaks many languages, and is well versed at espionage.

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Preferences, Equipment, and Skills

Bond has developed a taste for fine wine, and his favourites are Martini's and a very expensive bottle called Dom Perginon. He smokes, mostly cigars, and prefers tuxedos as the clothing to wear when present at social events. Over the years, Bond has been provided incredible equipment by Q. Chief among these are the cars they have given him, which have been able to be remote controlled, turn inivisible, and are able to shoot missiles and volleys of bullets at targets. He wears a watch that contains a dart gun that can paralyze a man, a stun taser, a grapple hook that can support his weight with a string of wire, GPS, and a laser that can burn through metal. He has been provided many oddities of equipment, including a grenade pen, gas canisters hidden in a attache case, flash bang guns, and remote detonators. His preference for a weapon would be a 7.65 MM Walther PPK, a light handgun. Bond has considerable skills in almost everything. He speaks multiple languages, including Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. He is a master at Judo, and is very intelligent. Mostly demonstrated in "Goldfinger", when he figures out the logistics of how many men, trucks, and how much time it would take to move all of the gold out of Fort Knox. He also figures out how long something would stay radiated if a nuclear bomb was detonated on it. Bond's most impressive skill, however, is his ability to think on the fly. Many times he has been outnumbered, only to use his surroundings and figure out his opponenents weaknesses.

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