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XENOMORPH_ALIEN: Powers and Abilities

Living, breathing weapon with absolute adaptability, no fear, and no mercy. Will destroy anything that attacks. With acidic blood, tongue with teeth and tail that can kill.

source: CBM FightClub, Marvel.wikia, DC.wikia, Comicvine,com
There are many different kinds of Adult Xenomorphs-however, they share the same general appearance. After the Chest Burster has fled, it will wait and mature, shedding it's old skin-revealing the darker kind-and it's head will expand backwards into a crescent shape. It will grow large arms and legs, it's tail will be longer and much stronger (even to the point of being able to impale fully grown Predator's), and it's blood will be much more acidic. Xenomorphs have many distinguishing features-they do not show up on infra-red scanners, as they take on the temperature of the environment (this contribute to their adaptability). Inside of their mouth is a second "mouth", in appearance-however, this is it's tongue, which has shown the strength to punch through a skull, steel,and the unknown metal of the Predator species. They (apparently) do not have visible eyes but they can see pheromones and inverted light which would explain how they can detect cloaked Predator's and see in the dark.

Xenomorphs are the stuff of nightmares-they are vicious, cannot be reasoned with, and will never, ever give up. They are extremely intelligent and deadly able to remember through genetic memory there hosts life and past. They communicate with a queen and each other through changing pheromones and/or sub-supersonic sounds.

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