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SILVER BANSHEE: Powers and Abilities

A "Death Wail" that can immediately kill anyone she knows the identity of. She is the executioner of Man.

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Banshee Curse: Siobhan was accidentally cursed and killed while still young. The curse placed on her turned her into a banshee; a ghostly being with incredible sonic powers and a haunting hatred.

Accelerated Healing: If Silver Banshee takes physical damage she can heal from her wounds quickly; this ability extends to her ghostly costume.

Death Stare: Silver Banshee is said to be able to kill any being by just knowing their name. Specifically, it must be their real name however she has killed certain beings by just knowing their alias. Her victims must remain in her line of sight during the duration of the stare.

Flight: Silver Banshee can fly through her own powers. She's chased Superman around Metropolis dozens of times and has even eluded him on a few occasions.

Sound Manipulation: Silver Banshee has incredible control over various sounds waves and is able to control as well as produce them through her own prowess. She's been seen killing someone by vibrating the sound of their own heart beats enough to shatter their own bones.

Death Wail: Silver Banshee's most popular weapon of choice is her incredible powerful and destructive voice. She can scream her wail multiple times or for an extended period which can cause people to fall into a coma, drive them insane, or outright kill them.

Sound Immunity: Silver Banshee is immune to her own cry and/or other sonic screams from opponents like Black Canary.

Superhuman Strength: Silver Banshee is at least strong enough to land powerful blows on Superman with significant distress on Superman's part.

Teleportation: Silver Banshee can seemingly evaporate and reappear at will. She's traveled small distances in rapid succession as well as international travel without any stress.


Music: Due to her control over most things auditory, Siobhan is an accomplished musician playing at local clubs in New York City with double digit numbered attendants.

Singing:Due to her control over most things auditory, Siobhan can manipulate her voice so that she can singing beautifully and loudly without a microphone.


Death Naming: Silver Banshee cannot use her death stare if she doesn't know her opponents name. This ability and weakness isn't well defined as on occasion she couldn't use her wail as a death blow without the name of her victim. On another occasion, she could use her wail but was able to kill a super-hero by just knowing their alias and not their true name.

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