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NITE OWL: Powers and Abilities

Daniel Dreiberg used his superior technical, detecting and fighting skills to follow in Hollis Mason's footsteps as the Nite Owl. However, for all his skills and intellect, he remained meek & mild-mannered. Only in his Nite Owl costume could he muster the courage necessary for crime fighting.

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Genius-Level Intellect:

Gifted Inventor: Dan was the creator of many inventions and crime-fighting technologies, like his "Owlship" ship, and Night Owl weapons.

Skilled Acrobat: Dan was an accomplished acrobat, who more often than not, utilized this greatly into his hand-to-hand fighting style.

Martial Artist: Had studied with several martial arts masters, and can out-fight just about any group of thugs or criminals with his fighting skills alone.

Strength level

Dan originally had the strength of a man his height and weight who engaged in regular intensive physical exercise. Now after years of retirement his skills have greatly decreased.

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