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AANG THE LAST AIRBENDER: Powers and Abilities

Aang the last of the Air Nomads is a monk who is the current incarnation of the Avatar; a being who must master all four elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) and defeat the Fire Lord before Sozin's comet arrives

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Aang is naturally an Airbender, and became a master at a very young age. At this young age he created his own airbending move called the Air Scooter, which allows him to travel at high speeds. Aang is not only an Airbender, but the Avatar, a bender with the ability to master all four elements, and the bridge between the physical world and the spirit world.

Airbending As an airbender, Aang has shown mastery in his primary and native bending skill. He has shown the capability to create domes of compacted air to defend against arrows or the ability to run "as fast as the winds." Throughout the series, his mastery has become more evident when he has shown himself capable of fighting master benders of other arts (such as Azula) using his airbending most of the time. In season 3, he's shown himself capable of making small tornadoes/cyclones, or sending out a gust of air from his lungs similar to Avatar Roku. Although Airbending has no sub-art, Aang has shown himself to capable of increasing the pitch of his bison whistle while looking for Appa, to the point where animals all over Ba Sing Se could hear it. When he enters the avatar state, he can create a dome of air in which he may fly around in. The dome is powerful enough to withstand high-speed impacts into columns of solid rock or into the ground ( to the point where he creates a crater) and can withstand the flames generated by Ozai while he was enhanced by Sozin's Comet. He can also create winds that can erode solid rock.

Waterbending Waterbending was the second art Aang learned to use and mastered. As the Avatar, he's a natural when it comes to waterbending. When he first started. Katara taught him a move that took her a few months, but only took him a few seconds. Not to mention his was bigger and better. Throughout the series, we see he's an excellent waterbending, capable of bending entire streams or creating shields of ice. He has shown himself to capable of creating a huge wave that sends him from the middle of the ocean to an extinct volcano ( with help from Yue, the moon spirit, but he maintains the huge wave himself) or using ice as stepping stones. In his regular state, he is a waterbending master, yet Katara is more prone to using her skills to their fullest extent since it's her only element. She eventually becomes Aang's teacher again (after she's reached the status of master waterbender) and learns moves such as bloodbending which Aang has yet to show knowledge of. When in the Avatar State, however, Aang is the most powerful waterbender. He has shown himself capable of compressing water and using it to extinguish flames generated by Ozai during Sozin's Comet. Possibly the greatest technique of waterbender ever shown in the series was during the Siege of the North, when the moon spirit was killed by Zhao. Aang enters the Avatar State and fuses with the ocean spirit. In turn, he becomes a giant fish creature made of blue water, with Aang in the center, controlling the monster through waterbending. In this form, he takes on a massive army of fire navy ships, with no hassle, and destroys them all. In this form, he was capable of bending massive amounts of water at one time.

Earthbending Earthbending was the last art Aang learned, but the third he mastered. He's shown himself to have trouble with it as it is his natural opposite element. Whereas airbending is about evading and finding a different method to things, earthbending is about being stable and facing things head-on. Despite this, he shown a great proficiency in the art. Being trained by Toph, one of the greatest earthbenders in the series, helps contribute to this. While Earthbending, he showed himself capable of creating slabs of rocks for cover from attacks. As the series progresses, Earthbending becomes one of his most used elements. He can use it to create an armor of rock to cover his entire body or just his hand, crash through rock columns by Earthbending ( while he was fighting Combustion Man), and sense things through the vibration of the Earth just as Toph can. While also airbending, he was capable of creating a zoo made of earth, with very fine details in it. However, he hasn't shown himself to be able to Metalbend just yet. While in the Avatar State, he showed himself of moving rocks from distance while being in the air, without having to be connected to the ground. When he was fighting Ozai, he compacted giant clumps of rock into smaller pieces, which he could break apart and fire like bullets, which had enough destructive force to destroy several rock columns, despite their size.

Firebending Firebending is the third art Aang learns, but the only one he didn't have enough time to master. He first learned firebending from Jong Jong, as he thought it to be the only time he could learn it. Jong Jong wasn't too keen on him not mastering water yet or learning earthbending, but Avatar Roku persuaded him into teaching Aang. Aang was a little too anxious and excited about firebending when finally was capabe of creating a flame and controlling it. From this, he decided to send out a huge burst of flame which hit Katara burning her hands ( thankfully, she was able to learn how to heal using waterbending in this very same episode.) After this, Aang vowed to never use firebending again. After a talk with Guru Pathik, Aang realized as the avatar, he must learn firebending. When Zuko joins his group and decides to teach Aang firebending, they both go the ancient Sunwarrior's ruins to try and learn firebending from the original source. They learn from the original source, two dragons, that firebending isn't about using hate and anger to overpower enemies. From this, they also learn the dancing dragon, in which they learn a technical series of dance moves that help the user fight around the enemies' attacks. It seems to incorporate some Airbending philosophies. During his fight with Ozai during Sozin's comet, he was capable of creating giant streams of fire using jabs and kicks. When he entered the Avatar State, he's shown himself capable of bending lava, and creating great streams of fire from each limb and his mouth.

Energybending An art long forgotten and taught to Aang by a giant Lion-turtle. Before the Avatar came to be, people didn't bend the elements, but the energy within themselves. As of now only the Avatar can perform such an art, and few have learned it, while fewer have even used it. While energy bending, the Avatar may take one's bending ( it's presumed he can give one a bending art as well, but this has not been proven.) The user must have a stronger will than the one it's being used on, or else they will become corrupted with the other's energy and be destroyed. While energybending, the user wants to have the dominant will so their energy will become dominant and fulfill the user's request.

WeaknessesAang's greatest strength and greatest weakness is the ability to go into the avatar State. In this spirit form Aang is in perfect mastery over the elements but if he is killed while in spirit form, the Avatar line ends.

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