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Photoshop Projects Order

Click on the image below for the gig that you want.

source: http://fiverr.com/sgaribay

1. Faceplant

Do you want to be Superman, Legolas, that Blue Avatar Kitty? Here is your chance; I will photoedit your face and insert it to your favorite Movie Poster/Character.

2. Body Insert

Do you want to have a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader? Be the TWO to Neo's ONE? Or the 10th person on the Fellowship of the Ring? Well here's your chance to be a part of this group, in your own personnal wallpaper.

3. Super Fight Club

Have you ever wondered what if Batman fights the Hulk, could the Dark Knight's prowess overcome the rage of the Green Goliath? How about Darth Vader against Gandalf, could the Force be a match against the wizard's magic? Could the Men in Black subdue that ultimate Alien Predator? Well I can make those fights for you, and I'll even get hundreds to vote on these fights. You can make the rules and even place the fight on any arena.

(For CBMers you could also put your fight request on the comment section below)

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