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THOR is dead!

For most of the non-geeks out there, you probably have known Thor only through his movie this year. Many of you might have even fallen in love with him (that includes you guys - the flowing golden hair is simply irresistable). Now I have bad news for you, Thor is dead and someone else has taken the mantle of the God of Thunder.

source: Marvel.com

The fall of Thor happens in the Marvel Comics event, Fear Itself #6. Where we see him carried away by his superhero comrades.

We first see Thor's replacement in this Battle Scars preview: (the guy on the upper left most corner)

Now meet the new God of Thunder: Tanarus!

*psst *psst I'll tell you a secret that comic geeks already know, Thor won't be dead very long. Death in comics is just like taking a sleep, sooner or later this character will be up and running again. (And you have to consider that Thor will be appearing in the Avengers next year).

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