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The Real Batman and Son

If the title got you bit confused well read on as I introduce you to more comicbook geekiness.

source: dccomics.com

To those not in the know, Bruce Wayne the "real" Batman sort of died last year, though the "comicbook" truth is a bit more complex which finds Bruce lost in the timestream. Before his supposed "death" he met his son with Talia Al Ghul (Daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, for those who watched the movie, Liam Neeson in Batman Begins), Damian Wayne.

Damian was raised by a League of assassins (similar to the ninjas in Batman Begins), and his first introduction to Bruce Wayne's world is him,Damian, stealing the mantle of Robin from Tim Drake, the third Robin (What? There are three Robins - actually there's more if you count alternate realities).

However, because of Bruce aforementioned adventure in time, Damian was not able to become his father's sidekick but he still became Robin and partnered with Dick Grayson's Batman (the first/original Robin).

Now, Bruce has returned and back in wearing the Batsuit. Along with his return he inducted several more crime-fighting individuals into the mantle of the Batman, which he now calls Batman Inc. (in this outfit you get Batman from Tokyo, from Africa, Latin America, and the most recent one is a Batwoman in cyberspace). He also relieved Dick Grayson in looking after his handful of a son, hence we get to see the first team up of Bruce Wayne and his progeny- The Real Batman and the New Robin!

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