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New Spider-Man Concept

Peter Parker is dead and there is a new Spider-man swinging on the rooftops of New York. See the concept costume and design of the new Webslinger.

First of all before you freak out, the dead Peter Parker is from the Ultimate Universe and not from the main Marvel Universe. If you have a problem understanding the statement before this one it just says that you have a lot more things to learn about Comics Geek Culture. The short of it, the dead Parker is not the one your familiar with, he is from an alternate universe, a young and modern Marvel Universe dubbed the Ultimate Universe. So, their Peter Parker is dead and they found a new wallcrawler whose secret identity is Miles Morales. There's not much is known about the new Spider-man aside from his half-black and half-hispanic.

Here are some of the concept design for the Miles Morales Spider-man:

source: Marvel.Com
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