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Actor: Michael Rosenbaum
Appeared on:
• Smallville|TV series (2001–2008, 2011)

In the TV series Smallville, Lex Luthor was primarily portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum through the run of the series. However, other actors also stepped into the role including:

• Matthew Munn portrayed a young Lex in the pilot episode and an episode in the second season. Some of this footage was recycled in an episode of the eight season and the series finale.
• Wayne Dalglish portrayed a young Lex in flashbacks in the episode "Memoria".
• Lucas Grabeel portrayed a teenage Lex in the flashbacks in the episode "Reunion".
• Connor Stanhope portrayed Lex as a youth in flashbacks and delusions over four episodes during the seventh and early eighth season.

• Kevin Miller portrayed the disfigured Lex in the episodes "Bride" and "Requiem". With his voice dubbed by Matt Adler in "Requiem".

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